Sunday, August 26, 2007

Natsu Matsuri

25/08/07- NATSU MATSURI!~

Woot!~ NM rocks! Though I went there as a volunteer, it was still cool. Hahas.
Before I went to NM, I met up with some of my friends, Eileen, Raimu, Kei, Zelmer & VoodooDooDoo. We went to NLB to attend a props making session and when we got there, we just sat around and introduced ourselves and stuff like that. Over there, I met Pop Kei who is in my Cosfest 08 Cosplay team and lots of other people from SgCafe. We introduced ourselves and looked at the props they made. 3 words for them: They are pro. We sat there for quite A LONG TIME, waiting for Doodoo to show up and it turned out that he was sitting just right behind us all the time. Sheesh. hahas. We went to Bugis Junction and ate at yoshinoya where Doodoo started falling in love with his Today newspaper. Zelmer tried to win Doodoo's love by sitting closer to him and so on..LOL. It was cool. We went to a nearby place to take some pictures and went a little high. Hahas.

Afterwards, we went to manga oasis and shortly, I had to leave for my NM gathering at NYP. I was a volunteer so I couldn't wear my yukata and stuff. But it was still fun. I met up with Eileen, Kei, Raimu & Doodoo when they all reached NM. The place is filled with Japanese people and there is a feeling of Japan in the air. Sigh!~ Makes me wonder if this is the type of life I'll get if I live in Japan. hahas. We went around eating ice-cream and watched a few performances. SJCC JMD rocks! So high. But their dancing were really cool. LOL. All super hyper.

We walked around the stalls after that and the kids in yukata are super cute. I wanted to kidnap some of them back(and no, I'm not a paedophile) I didn't manage to play any games as the queues were quite long and I had to report for 'Cleaning Duty' soon. We went a little high and there was 1 part where a cute little Japanese boy whacked one of my friends, Doodoo, on the butt 4 times. LOL. I've no idea why he did that but, oh well. hahas. We walked around and tried to break some sodas bottle so we could take out the marbles but to no avail. I met quite a few cosplayers at NM though.

Soon, I had to go for Cleaning Duty but due to the good manners of the Japanese people, there were little litter to pick up and I wanted to pick a few Japanese kids and smuggle them home in my rubbish bag. Heex. I met Zelmer and he gave me and Eileen a yoyo(water balloon) each. Zelmer: I shall be nice and just call you a nice hentai jiji. Heex. :P The Cleaning Duty was fun, hahas..but I won't clean up any of your houses. I'll only clean the houses of Japanese people. Whahahahaha. Okie, shan't say anymore, a picture's worth a thousand words. Overall, I only have 1 word to describe my whole day yesterday: AWESOME!!!!

My Natsu Matsuri Shirt

Doodoo & Zelmer

We were trying to imitate the statues.
Left to right: Zelmer, Kei, Me & Eileen

Imitating the statues again
Left to Right: Doodoo(Voodoo), Me, Eileen & Kei.
Group Hug This was our whole group, spent the morning and afternoon with them Heex.
Left to right: Zelmer, DooDoo,Kei, Raimu, Jo & Eileen
These few pictures were taken by me, and let's just say I've a knack for funny candid shots.

Zelmer, the NICE hentai(pervert) jiji.

DooDoo, the EVIL hentai girl guy.

Taken by Zelmer wheile we were walking to Suntec.
Natsu Matsuri!~ I only took a few photos since I didn't bring my camera there.

Before it started.

Yukatas~ I shall wear one next year. heex.

My Udon. Its nice and very filling.

The yoyo(balloon) Zelmer gave me. Sankyuu Zelmer!~

I had a great day yesterday. It was fun and tiring. SJCC rocks. heex. We(meaning Raimu, Kei, Eileen, Zelmer, Doodoo & me) ROCKS!~ hahas..

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