Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Investiture 2007

Well, I wanted to blog yesterday but, as usual, I was too lazy tired. Yep. After my last lesson on Internet & Web, I wanted to rush off to meet Kim but my classmates wanted to take pictures again. I had to comply with them as they were using my phone. I took some pictures and rush off to meet Kim & Sebas as I was late for the meeting. We managed to reach CHR just before the investiture start and only 1 word can describe the ceremony: FAST!

Lols, it was super fast, the whole thing ended in less than half an hour. hahas. During the whole ceremony, Kim & I were busy laughing at some stuff, stuff I can't really remember, taking crappy photos and laughing at the student councillors. Maybe we're supposed to feel sad as they are our babies juniors, but I don't know why, I just find the whole thing hilarious. I couldn't control my laughter..keke. I'm not laughing at them, just laughing. Weird I guess. lols. We hung back a little before leaving as miss kimmy had an exam to attend too. Before leaving, we talked and took some photos with tomato and the juniors. If you've read Kim's blog, you would have known who are the top few heads of the council now. If you haven't, read it then. Hahas. I managed to trick quite a lot of people today with my T-shirt.(not saying what it is) hahas. Hmm..lets see. nothing much happened yesterday I guessed.

TOMORROW'S THE BIG DAY..and no, I'm not getting married. hahas.

I'm gonna buy my yukata tomorrow. (Meaning of yukata) Yep, I'm gonna buy it!!! YAY!~ hahas. There will be a Japanese summer festival, so going to wear it there. I can't wait for tomorrow. Yea yea yea!~

Hahas, k, nothing much now, just some pictures. Enjoy and cya!~

Actually, there is another funny picture of Kim, but i don't think she will let me upload, will ya?

Lazy to put in comments. I know i know, I'm getting lazier. hehex..

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