Saturday, August 11, 2007

10 weird things about myself

10 weird things about myself
Since I've been saboed 'tagged' by the lovely Kim, I shall play along. I've actually been tagged by my friend too but I was too lazy to continue. (Should have taken up her offer, her version of it was only 6 things about yourself.)

Oh well, before I start brainstorming, I shall post up some pictures that I took recently.


Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Sandy, Qiao Hui, Sabrina, Hui Jia & Fifi

Qiao Hui, Fifi, the lovely Jo

The back of my orientation shirt, left to right: Hui Jia, Din, Sabrina & William.(william was so tall that I almost had to 'chop' off his head')

Left to right: Guys-> Marcus, Glenn, Alvin, Din & PK

Girls-> Jun Ling, Jun, Fifi, Sabrina & Hui Jia

Regina. I managed to take this picture of her jumping with my hp camera..keke.

And in case you were wondering why I'm not in most of the photos, its because they love using my HP camera and I'm always the camera man as I'm camera shy. I'm deciding how much I should charge them for 1 picutre, $1?

Well, here are some I managed to take with me inside.

Left to Right: Sabrina, me( Its me!!!!) & Hui Jia

Eileen & Me!!! My friend in my cca and is also crazy about lots of animes, cosplays and yukatas.
Erm, and don't mind about my hairstyle, I know its kinda of, erm..never mind.

Well, same people in here. And due to contrary belief, I did not put make up at all in this picture. Serious!

Okay, done with viewing the pictures, I shall now play the 'game'


1) Each player of this game starts off my giving 10 weird things about themself

2) People who get tagged needs to write in their blog of their own weird things as well and state the rules clearly.

3) In the end, you'll select 5 people to be tagged and list their names .

10 weird things about Jo!~

1) I will laugh or grin to myself when I'm alone at times for no reason.
2) I will often dream or imagine me to be like some of the characters in animes or shows.
3) I like to re-watch & re-read dramas/animes/books and not get tired even after I've finished memorising their content and am able to say the lines with the actors.
4) I love flipping my last toes over my 4th toe.
5) I'll get really lethargic the next day if I slept early the previous night, but if I sleep late, I'll be hyper the next morning.
6) I'm able to eat chicken rice for my breakfast, lunch & dinner and not get sick of it.
7) I'll often think up stories with my imagination and they are quite weird and crazy, normally revolving around me.
8) I get super hyper & excited for things that are super far away like 6 months away?
9) I will talk to my posters(anime posters) at times and tell them I'm home or I'm going off. (OKAY, I think that is weird)
10) I can still think of a couple of weird things and I'm actually doing this because Kim asked me too, its weird that I'm listening to her. keke.
The 5 people to be bestowed this wonderful chance by Jo:
*drum roll*
1) Kim dmn, she got me before I could get her. Eileen
2) Chi Yang
3) Edwin(just write it down somewhere or be nice and go start a blog)
4) Joy
5) Jean

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