Wednesday, August 22, 2007


HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM!~ and my exams are over..woot!

My last paper was today, Principles of Management. It was quite okay. Shan't elaborate on it. The highlight is Kim's bdae!~ HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY KIM!!!!!
I met Kim at Cineleisure to catch a movie, Brave Heart.(4th installment) It's a cool anime movie. So much nicer than The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Hahas. Its really nice. After that, we walked around discussing Harry Potter, cosplay stuff, her birthday, animes and hunting for presents. Hahas. After walking for quite some time, we sat at BK and started eating cakes.

I actually planned to get her the Hershley Sundae Chocolate Cake frm BK since she is quite fond of it. But that kuku has to go buy another cake to make me eat with her. After much scratching, I accepted her cake. We took quite a lot of pictures, pictures that are crappy, cool, funny and kuku. The nicer pics are with Kim and I'll post some of those I have now. No kuku pics though..heex. Had a really day with Kim and on the way back, we saw a Raj look-alike..i really thought it was him. Hahas. Oh well, going to be quite busy the next few days, lots of outings to look forward too. Hahas..its gonna be fun and play from now on..WOOT!~

Here are some pictures that we took:
These are some of the nicer pictures we took, a majority of them are our cakes~

The talking cake...

The one on the left is mine and the one on the right is Kim's(which is slightly destroyed by her)

The battle of the cake and Kim..poor cake.

Both of our cakes are in our stomach..yummy!~ heex are some of the pictures of the birthday girl!!!!

My sunglasses..hahas..

Will post more pics once Kim gives the green light that I can, or u might just find me in the orbituaries tomorrow. Hahas.

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