Monday, November 12, 2007

Anger Venting


I'm here to vent my anger. Due to some STUFF that happened, my blood is boiling...Anyone wants to eat boiled egg? Heex. I'm really pissed. Oh well. I.MUST.CHILL.

*breathes in, breathes out*

Fifi who is currently reading this while I type: I want boiled eggs!

Jo: *twitch*

Okay, so while Fifi is looking at this, I'll type it here. Thank you for doing most of the project access for us...though you were the crazy one to chiong it. Whahahaha. Thanks. I'll treat you to your sundae..................someday..

:P Okay, just came in here as I was pretty bored and also wanted a place to vent out my anger..heex. Okay, back to lesson and my fruits basket. Wheeee~

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