Friday, June 25, 2010

The Big 2!

And it is as what Sherwin said. The big 2~

I can't believe it. I'm turning 20 in another hour or so.

As usual, another year seems to go pass so soon. And they say that once you hit the 2X, you will feel that time seems to zoom by so fast like its on a fire rocket.

Well, ever since last year, I started to feel that way. It feels like my 19th year passed by super duper quickly. But then, it was a year full of changes, challenges, excitement and fun! Heehee! And yea, it was kinda of true about what I thought of my 19th year would be last year this time.

Somehow, I still feel like I'm 18. Well, at least that is what's on my mind everytime someone ask for my age or when filling in application form. It just feel so natural~ Don't ya think so? =p

For the past year, I've learned much more and there were some major changes in my life, be it graduation, friends, family but I'm really thankful for all who were always there for me. XDD

Actually, looking back, I kinda of question myself, how did that 1 year pass by so freaking fast!??

AHHHHH!! I'm getting older. =p

Anyway, I don't really plan to celebrate my birthday this year or at least that's what I told my parents. Somehow, they got it confused that 20th is the year to celebrate instead of 21st. Hahaha!

So, this year, I'm just gonna have a simple birthday dinner with my friends tomorrow night after all the practices. Woots~

And here's a BIG thanks to my youths who celebrated my birthday for me yesterday! Thanks gals + guys! You peeps have always been there for me for like my whole entire life? Can't imagine my life without you all!

Okie, guess this is it. I'm turning 20. Gone are the days of age 1X. 2 decades have passed.

Welcome to the next lap of my life~

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