Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bored with a ring~

Okay~ The title was supposed to state the word 'boring'. Bored with a ring.


Ermm.. never mind if you don't.

I'm being slightly cold here thanks to the scorching weather recently. Air-conditioner is such a life saver nowadays!

Anyway, just felt like it's been some time since I've last blogged. Nothing much seems to be happening though I'm enjoying my life now~

Work has been work. As usual. Last day at Aviva falls on this Friday and the following Monday, I'll be working at Elsevier as an Event Assistant!

Though I'm reluctant to leave my Aviva job, but being able to work as an Event Assistant would be useful for me too~!

Wish me luck! XDD


Another news that I have to face this week is that Jean gonna fly off to Australia. Gonna miss her so badly. She's gonna go pursue her dreams and studies there.

When she 1st told me she's flying off in 3 weeks, I cried after putting down the phone. Guess I was upset by the thought that she wasn't going to be around us for quite some time. However, I'll support her and wish her all the best!

The girl I'm gonna miss!

Will she come back a lady? Whahahahahaha!

Jean is my childhood friend since I was young. We knew each other when we were.... babies? We have lots of pictures and videos of the 3 of us, Joy, Jean and me, playing together when we were young. Those stuff are classic!

I just pray that God will lead her way over there and bless and take care of her. It's gonna be hard without her here but life has to go on. So, all I can do is to support her.

She's flying this Sunday and so, on Monday, mummy and I went to eat at Vienna with Jean as a farewell and encouragement dinner. Heehee! We super duper full after that and after walking around, we saw UFO catchers!

My hand started to itch so I played one of it and caught the toy on the 1st try!!! I was super shocked and excited! Kept jumping around. That was the 1st time I actually caught something and on the 1st try. After that, I tried again.......And I caught it with $1 again!

Ain't I lucky?

Jean says its thanks to her presence. LOL!

Here are my 2 toys~

errr... minus the person holding them. Hahahaha!

Fluffy Minnie & Green Snoopy!

The green snoopy is now the property of my boyf as he said he wanted that right after I told him what I caught. Hahahaha! I wonder if its squashed somewhere. =p

Anyway, I think its high time I uploaded the Hong Kong pictures to Facebook and I don't think I will be able to upload all of them here. I might just go bonkers. If you guys want, do hop over to my facebook photo album. Shall post up the link once I'm done with it. XDD

In the meantime, here are some of the photos~

Mom's getting attacked by Pluto!

And Daddy to the rescue!

Lots of character photos from here on~

Eeyore kept kissing my cheek for a loooong time. Till I pushed his head away! His character was super cute! Hahahaha

More to come in the future~ XDD

Anyway, Trixy and I have started our 1st fashion apparels spree! Do support us!!

Spree is closing on the 16th May!

I'm so gonna buy lots of apparels for myself. I kept bookmarking all those that I wanted when we were shortlisting which items to bring it. Hahahahaha!


Okie~ That's all for now! Catch up again soon! Heehee!

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