Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!

Without them, we wouldn't be here. And of course, we have the fathers too. But well, fathers, you gotta wait for another month before your day arrives. =p

Okie! Gonna have a dinner with my mummy dearest later at Causeway Point. Probably going for some Japanese cuisine as it's her favourite. Wanted to drag my Dad along but he refused. So, its just me and my mum.

Just wanted to post up some of the news things that I've just gotten immediately after my pay arrived a few days ago!

Dorama~ Otomen!

Read reviews on the drama and the manga. And of course it helps when Seto Koji is inside~ He was just super cute when he's in Atashinchi no Danshi!!!

There's another drama that I've wanted to watch but it's with XM now. Its Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. Read its reviews and the dorama looks good!

I've also bought my falsies. Like finally! I've only got 1 type of falsies for the past 1 month and I was itching to buy more and finally, I did! I bought 2 boxes of different styles. No pictures of it though because I forgot. Heehee

I just bought my eyebrow mascara!

It's a 2-in-1 thingy. Both the mascara and the pen are together so it's pretty useful. Tried on for today and so far so good! XDD

Oh yea, bought some other stuff last month too! Mummy brought me along for the Metro Sales which was why I got these!

Was tempted by the lipstick/gloss and since I've lost my lipstick like ages ago, I decided to get it!

Along with my freebie bag and slippers!

I've been getting a few freebie bags recently. I've always love bags! Well, which girl doesn't? Even guys love bags. Whahahaha! Because a bag itself can change the appearance that you're carrying and it also adds on to the styles that you wish to follow. Matching bags and your outfits together is an interesting process. Don't you think so?

That's why I love bags!

Anyway, I've been thinking and deciding which clothes should I buy during our next spree. All of them are so tempting and I've been shortlisting so many items that I believe I'm gonna need more than 2 wardrobes.

Which apparels should I get?

Floral and denim still seems to be in the fashion now.

Oh yea!

Few of my friends have been asking me where is the blogshop and stuff. So I've decided to post a really BIG banner here for you guys to access and view it!

So here goes:

Big enough ya?

Okie! Gonna go out with my mum now!

Catch ya guys later!

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