Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Birthday celebration Part 1


So, just after I finished school today, Fifi, Brina(Sabrina), JiaJia(Hui Jia) & I went down to Bishan Junction 8 to celebrate my BIRTHDAY!!!!! Yep, and if you haven't guess, its the birthday of the demure, lovely, nice, kind, etc etc girl, Joanna!! hahas. So, we went to Bishan and ate at Swensens. Hahas, brought back fond memories. Hahas. We ate and Brina wanted to eat ice-cream all by herself and I found out that she is a bottomless pit. She can really eat a lot and ice-cream+whipped cream is her favourite. LOL. Its amazing that she is so skinny. Hahas. Afterwards, they began plotting my demise surprises that include buying a slice of cake for me and in the end, they also end up being surprised when the Swensens' staff saw them smuggling cake in and gave us a free Firehouse Ice-cream. Lol. We kept eating and was at the point of gorging ourselves with cake, ice-cream and so on. I'm sure we put on at least 2-3kg. Choco ice-cream and cake. How not to? Afterwards, we started taking lame and crappy pictures with our handphone and I've promised them that I will upload it on my blog, so don't blame me if this page hangs. whahahaha. we had loads of fun crapping and stuff like that. And really, Brina is a super blur girl. Blur Brina. Thanks to all of you for celebrating for me. Hahas. Kim was supposed to join us but due to overheating in the oven and sauna, she didn't join us. Wasted. Hahas, well, there is always a next time. Yep. 2nd part of celebration starts when my family and some church friends come home. Hohohoho. Okie. Here are the pictures~

Celebrating my birthday at Bishan Junction 8 Swensens with Fifi, Brina and JiaJia.

The present from them. So Cool!!!


Me with my free firehouse ice-cream!!

Fifi and I

Brina & me

JiaJia & me

Fifi and Me.

Having our cake and eating it too.

Drinking is good for health.
Part-time water promoters at Swensens

And suddenly, Fifi tried to kill me!!!
I'm so scared...NOT

Brina, JiaJia & Fifi happily eating cherries.

A humongous piece of cake from Secret Recipe

Having my 1st bite.

Brina so excited about her ice-cream. LOL

She's in love with the cherry. Hohoho

JiaJia enjoying her ice-cream.

Brina & Jia. Kinda of scary

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