Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A typical normal average day in a typical normal average girl's life

A typical normal average day in a typical normal average girl's life.

Long time since I blogged. I think so. hehex, so I stayed back in school today to do some project work on my own and watched some animes. Wheee~ Currently playing: Kanon(2006). Ahhhh!!! Its so sad. Anyway, had lots of fun with my new classmates, think I'm settling down quite well, hehex. Had lots of fun in the library with Sabrina(OKkay..that sounds wrong. Fun and library don't go together..Nevermind.) She is dmn funny. Hahas..We were laughing quite loudly in the library due to us watching Ouran High School. LOL. I introduced it to her and she was super excited and addicited to it......before she even watched the show. Hahahas..its super funny. Anyway, we watched it and I kind of pitied those who were trying to study,though the library was already quite noisy at that time but we were still laughing quite loudly. LOL. Discovered some things about Sabrina today too..We loved the same chinese drama that showed a nong nong time ago. wheeee~ What a concidence. Hmmm..let's see. I'm going shopping with Kimesy Kimest on Saturday and wheee whoo!!!! I can't wait, I can't wait, cos of the shopping, not cos of Kim. Whahahahahaha. Oh oh...Kimesy Kimest(K^2), please bring (B^2). Its time for a family reunion. Speaking of family reunion, its been a long time since I saw Jabez, bGoh and the rest. Wonder how do they look now? Old and haggard without me by their side? Guess so. Hahahas.. Okay, shall stop here now otherwise I'll get whacked by lots of people next time. wheee~

Sayonara! Oyasuminasai~

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