Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Oh Yea!


Today was quite a fun day in school. Partly because of the lectures I had today. My favourite module is Statistics. I find it easy to understand and its just like maths, but the person teaching is much nicer than You-Know-Who. Lol. hmmm, I went to the library afterwards but I didn't get much studying done. Was busy transfering stuff to my friends and so on and busy chatting on msn. Speaking of MSN, I almost got caught in class for that, we have this virtual classroom thing where the teacher can see what is on our screen. And on my screen, there was this little msn chat box, but phew, the teacher didn't spot it. Whahahaha! Hmmm, met up with HL today after school and started watching Ouran High School Host Club together. Wheee. Its one of the best anime ever. Hahas. Bumped into BLow this morning, just said 'Hi' and 'Bye' and... I can't wait for tomorrow!!! JSC-AAA orientation. Wheee!!!! I'm still not getting very used to this routine now. Hahas, need a little bitty more time to get into. At least, I'm starting to be a little crappier like last time again. Hehex. A lot of people commented that I look super fair, and I look a bit Japanese. For the last time, I shall announce it here, I don't put any whitening cream or SKII. Hahas. Yea, and I found out loads of new things about my classmates today. Whahaha. Nicey Nice. Hmm, that's about all, Kim: missing me loads? I know you do. Kekex. HL: Okie Dokie(Copyrighted by jO) hahas..see ya all and tata~

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