Friday, May 4, 2007



Today was a great day. It seems like the old days we had in secondary school. BTeo, Kim and Houe Long came over to my last lecture and it was super funny. Lol, because BTeo wore a NP shirt to NYP. Whahaha. He looks like a korean now. Hahas, later on, we went to Ang Mio Kio Hub to makan and started crapping. Oh yea, I saw Jonathan Lin too. He looks different. Hehex. It was really a great day today, its been a long time since I've laughed that much. Mainly its because of Long. The three of us teased Long till he was, erm..till he gave up? Hehex. Can't really describe today in words. It was just great. Sigh. Hope to see all of them soon. Whee~

P.S. Ouran High School Host Club is super good!!! A Must-Watch Anime!!! Whee~

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