Saturday, April 28, 2007

Kim & Jo

Chip & Dale Kim & Jo

Hmmm, let's see. Due to Kim writing so many nice stuff about me, (it should be easy as A B C). I shall write some stuff too. Let's see. A long long time ago, in the southern part of China... When I first met kim, I didn't know what to say to her. The big question in my mind was, is she a Chinese, Indian or Malay. I was even thinking of speaking some Malay to her even though I didn't know how to speak. But nevermind. Its true about what Kim said in her blog. We don't hug each other or any kind of that stuff. We are quite weird.(esp Kim) When I first knew her, I thought she was quite cold, can't really crap around. But later on, the fox's tail came out and I realised, *lightning & thunder* she is the real mischief. Whahaha. We discovered many things about each other and...its quite lucky I didn't get into SVPS otherwise I'll be tortured by Kim for another 6 years. And I think without her beside me, I think the student council would have close down during my 'reign'. LOL. Well, I'm happy that I've managed to have such a good friend like Kim.(but I'm sure she is happier to have a WONDERFUL friend like me)

She is a movie spoiler too, and I can't stop her so I had no choice but to join her. Hopefully I'll remember to bring some masking tape for HP5. I think we will both spoil Shrek 3. So warning to those who are in the cinema with us, don't sit near us. LOL

Okay, so what is really special and memorable about us is still what had happened last year, when we discovered we had telepathy. We often think and say the same things at the same time. Whahaha. I like that the most. Though I always pester talk to her about my animes, she didn't get any masking tape to tape my mouth up. And at last, she succumbed to my influence and watched animes too. Whahahaha!! I know I am such a great influence on you right? Hahahaha!

Okie Dokie. That is almost all about us and Kim, don't miss me too much k? I know you will.

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