Sunday, April 1, 2007

Farewell People~

Farewell Party~

Whaaaaaaaaaa...I miss everyone. Great Stripping farewell party yesterday. It was so cool and fun watching everyone in different costumes. Hahas. Scooby Doo, maid, Butterfly/Fairy, School Uniform and super informal wear(thanks to tomato!). It was high at one point, with their band playing and stuff. And while the juniors, underage people were all dancing their heads off on stage, some of the 'older' people were doing some, ahem, stripping? Hahas, and we discovered we had a pervert within us. hehex. It was so nice to be back within them, with all our teachers. Whee..Barney Song~

Ben's Version: I hate you, You hate me. Let's all go and kill Barney. With a shotgun, Bang Bang, Barney on the floor, No more purple dinosaur~ Cool sia..

I miss all of them!!!! The juniors are good, coming up with such a great party. hahas. The next time we'll see them is probably on carnival day. Wish them all the best. I want to help out too like last year!!! Whee!!!~

Anyway, I downloaded some movies, not very recent, quite old, like 2 yrs plus. But they are good, i'm getting addicted to them. PB2~ I'm getting addicted to kiddy songs. Oh boy, I don't know what is happening to me..Help!! Songs like powerpuff girls and Brother for Sale, and now ben's version of barney. Whahaha.
Oh yea, anyone knows how to make me look darker?? I have a LOT of comments from people now. They said I looked too white, too eerie, too ghostly, should put on black makeup. And some said my feet are too white like my face. Maybe even whiter. Have a eerie aura around it, like greenish glow around it. I'm turning into a ghost. Help!!! I need to get a tan, asap. Hahas.

Can't wait to watch more movies, hahas. Movie MOVIE!!! well, tata for now. =)

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