Sunday, April 15, 2007

Eve Of 1st Day

Eve Of 1st Day~

Okay, so tomorrow is going to be the 1st day of school, at last!! I must be crazy, looking forward to school. Well, its been really boring in the long vacation. Hahas. Well, I guess it will be REALLY different now there is a whole new class for me and no kukus to crap with..hehex. I'm a demure and angelic girl. Whahahaha!!! I am. I'm quite sleepy now, going to zoink soon. Whee~ Okie, here's wishing everyone all the best for their first day of school and try not to miss me so so much k? I know without me in school is going to be really boring. Hahas, I understand..hehex. Kk, nitez everyone and tata~

Zoink~(I created this word..whee!!! Zoink~)

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