Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Life In NYP~


Phew. I'm so glad today is over. Long Story. Hahas...I'm kinda of happy with my life in NYP now. The lecturers are quite cool and so are the tutors. I went to sign up for Japanese Sakuran Club today..Whee!!! Animes! Hehex. I can't wait for lessons are 10-12!! Yea yea!! And I'm going to meet up with KIMMY KIM CHI!!! I miss all of the people from last year. So far, I only met Sharon, BLow, HL and some others from CHR. At least HL will probably be in the same CCA as me..Hehe.=) Got someone to crap with..whahaha!!

KIM!!!!!!! I miss ya so so much. I miss doing the HP script with you and doing all the weird actions and all our facial expressions so so much. Sigh. Don't let your head grow too big cos ya miss me too..whahaha!! Can't wait for tomorrow..hehex!!


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