Monday, April 23, 2007

Today is the 1st day of my 2nd week in school. So, I think I'm adjusting to my life in poly pretty well.......I guess. I still miss you guys so so much. I miss the 'kuku' guys(grandsons) and of course, I miss the three musketeers KIM!!! whahaha, kim, you better write something nice for me in your blog. LOL.

Okie! So, let's see what did I do today. I had an E-quiz on Internet and Web and I got acceptable grades though I wasn't very happy about it, I could have done better(but I did study..really!!!) And I had accountings class and guess what!? I was more confused about it after the class ended, going to study more about it in the library tomorrow. Oh yea, due to quite a new number of people viewing my blog now, I'm going to set up a whole new blog just for some people to view if yall want to. 'Cos its kinda of hard to really type out what I want to say when I know that they might be viewing what I wrote about them, but, that is just a possibilty.

Well, I guess most of the people around me now guess I'm a really quiet girl and a studious one. Maybe the demure side of me is overtaking my joking side of me now, more and more each day. So people(4/5 people), the next time yall see me, don't be shocked when you see a DEMURE, nice, lovely, kind and wonderful Joanna. Wait, I'm already demure, nice, lovely and wonderful. Its just that yall don't see it. Sigh, how sad for me. How can I have friends that don't trust me..NOOOOO... Okok, I shall stop the drama now or the next time Kim comes to NYP, she will probably bring lots of rotten eggs to throw at me. I don't really like eggs that much. So the bottom line of my little drama just now was to remind yall that you have such a excellent, wonderful and DEMURE friend(Joanna). Wheee! *shields myself from all the rotten eggs* Tee-hee~ Hopefully, as time goes by, I can really be my crappy self again. Hahas. Okies~ I shall end here now and watch my fruits basket again. So sorry people, I have to go, I know you all will miss me. Hmm, you can call Kim for my autographed pictures. Hehex. Jabez: Don't worry, I know you want 1, I'll send it to you. Whahaha! Bye~

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