Friday, April 20, 2007

1st Week

Da 1st Week~

Okie! So, my 1st week as a Freshi is...COOL!! I just got my admission card today and talked more with some of my classmates and I really like my class now. We are the participative kind. Hehex, though I still miss 4/5 a lot. Well, once I collected my card and we had a 3 hour break. And I did not bring my labtop, how sad and boring. Oh, and my last lessons were Effective Oral Communication. Its mainly the same stuff that I've heard before from the Student Council Camp. But, its still great. Hahas. Most of my lecturers are great and interesting, I have a few super hyper lecturers and tutors. Lol!!

Hmm, after my 1st week in NYP, I met lots of people I know. I just met Rodney in the library today!! I didn't know he was in NYP too. Hehex. Yea, speaking of library, I have to be extremely hardworking to catch up with my lectures and tutorials so that means that I should stop not spend so much time on my beloved animes, but I can't help it..hehex.

Went jalan jalan with Kim yesterday and it was great walking and touring NYP together. Hahas. I need to buy a bag!! Urgent. My stupid bag sling broke before I even had a chance to use it. Sobs! I need to go bugis to hunt for a nice sturdy bag that will last me a nong nong time. Hmm, lets see, what other stuff happened to me? I'm currently addicted on Fruits Basket again. No idea why. Hahas. I guess that is all. Well, gotta study for my Internet ICA test that is coming this monday, sigh~ Wish my luck. Hehex!

Don't miss moi~

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