Thursday, March 22, 2007

Birthday 3

Part 3:
' Class' Photo of everyone there? Some left early to rush back for school.(Don't mind the yellow stuff at e bottom, its the table...
Pose Pose Pose. Some guys looks pretty shocked. I wonder why..
Ahhh..caught them unaware. Reuel: Pout. Ben: ACT CUTE!!!! Jabez: Blur.Audrey: Whats going on?? Kim: Ben, my act cute pose is better than yours! Hmph! Bao: Bored...hehex
Girls trying to brainwash the guys while some guys are either trying to pout or practise their kissing style...bad idea!!

Happy ending. Pose Pose!! And this marks another gathering, not our last though. Good luck to all, in JC n Poly! Gambate!!!

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