Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Falling Apart...

.Falling Apart.

These few days, my life is falling apart. Its not just one part of my life that is falling apart. Its everything, everything I tell you(LOL). My family, doesn't seems like a real family sometimes. I don't mind staying at home with my family, but I hate the tension. Its killing me. And things that are falling apart are not just my family, but the past, friends and expectations. Yesterday, I was forced to remember some nice and bad memories. Yesterday, I met a few people who had taken care of me since young, taught me the piano, played with me, but one day, that Incident happened, and I found out that they were the ones responsible for it. I really can't believe that they will do such a thing to hurt everyone. It is really hurtful when the people who took care of you and the people whom I had trusted would do that. How I wished they didn't do that. But that is only my wishful thinking, what has happened, has happened.

I'm worried. Very worried. I don't know if I made the right choice in going to NYP, but the verdict it out, who cares.

Somehow, I feel that some adults have very high expectations of me, maybe not academically, but on other stuff. They did not say out loud, but I can tell what they expected of me. Or am I being paranoid? Maybe I am, but that doesn't change the fact on what they hoped I could do. Its really hard, bottling everything up and stuff. I want to scream everything out!!!!

Okay, over with the emo stuff, its feels much better typing everything out. I want to watch Bean's Holiday!!! Whee!!! Anyone knows when its showing? Hahas.

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