Thursday, March 22, 2007


Birthday Surprise!!!!

Part 1. Don't mind the comments. LOL

So, its Miss Santha Mrs Mohan birthday today. So here are some pictures we took. Have fun viewing. I took some videos too, i don't think e file is big, so whoever wants it, please get it from me. I can't access the forum due to some internet problems. So sorry! =)
The guys crapping, as usual. What is Jabeeez trying to do with his hand? N more importantly, what is Benjamin doing with HIS hand???hehex
The girls, preparing the cake and chatting to Mrs Mohan. Some of them seems to be missing.Hmm
Oh, her speech is in a video, but I doubt we can hear what she is saying, as she is having a bad sore throat...
The inseparable twins...

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