Monday, February 7, 2011

Hue Dreamers' Semi Food Hunt!

Post-Vietnam Trip Hue Outing~
(Yes, I'm doing post-Vietnam updates instead of the actual trip. =p)
Went out on a semi food hunt to quench our thirst for local delicacies after spending almost 3 weeks in Vietnam, especially for Julia. Hahaha! It was an awesome ketchup catch-up session with the members and lament how much we miss Vietnam. =P

Before the food hunt, a few of us had lunch at Chef Daniel's Kitchen before meeting the rest. 1st time there and was pretty impressed with the food~ XDD

On to da photos! And photos are all taken by Kelvin!

The 3 Little Pigs.. or so they say.

Jon & Dylan~

Hui Ying & the GOH of our food hunt: Julia!

Went to Lau Pa Sat for our food feast and here's Hoa waiting for the nom noms to arrive~

Foood~ Glorious Fooood!~

Laksa, Black & White Carrot Cake, Zhu Zhar Tang, Kway Chap, Ban Mian & Ma Po Toufu~ Yummy Yum Yum!

And the people to finish these food are...

Decided to walk off the food and head towards Beer Market @ Clarke Quay~

In an heated discussion over something important!

Which is........

G5 X-Treme Swing!!!

Woohoooo! Jon was the 1st to suggest but refused to get up with us. >.>
And so did the rest, in the end, only Jasmine, Kelvin & I went on it and it was crazy fun!!! Totally AWESOME! 2nd time going on it but the adrenaline rush is still there!

WOOHOO! So gonna grab Jon up with me next time. No chance to escape yea? =p

Din go to Beer Market that night as there was an event going on I think so we headed back to BK @ Central just to chill~

Spotted the funny Turkish ice-cream peddler 'cept for now, he has a pretty cool store.

Entertaining as always~

It's great to be able to meet up again!~ Really miss those times in the Hue hostel, cycling everywhere, on the bus, beach and all~ ahhh~ Memories of the past~

Oh! And that's me plotting the demise of Mr Dylan who popped durian ice-cream into my mouth.

Tsk tsk.. Never cross a girl. We don't get angry, we get even. Hahaha! But I'm nice, so I didn't do anything much. XDD

That's pretty much regarding the food hunt. Next meet-up: CHINESE NEW YEAR!! Steamboat at my house again~ Yay! \o/

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