Monday, February 14, 2011

Lucky lucky lucky not!


Yesterday was a super duper unlucky day for me. D=

First of all, one of my favourite pair of shoes decided to retire when I was out with Jon and thus gave me an excuse to buy a pair of new shoes. But dang! I loved that pair loads! Joy and I bought the same design and while mine is currently at some garbage dump, the other pair is enjoying life in Brisbane with Jean.

But nonetheless, as the mandarin phrase goes: 旧的不去, 新的不来. Woah! Profound huh? Don't look down on my Mandarin kay~ =p

Ookay, who am I kidding. I suck at it. But basically what the phrase above meant was that if the old (stuff) don't go, the new (stuff) won't come. Direct and kinda of literal translation?

Am loving the new pair of wedges I bought from FEP! More pics of it next time!

And if you think that was not considered unlucky, try this.

I lost my wallet on the bus soon after that. Like whuuttt!!!

Was pretty upset but knowing that no amount of upset or sadness can bring back my wallet, I went on with the original plans of our date~

But still, the thought of all the hassle I have to go through to replace my cards and the $ spent. Ahhhh! But I'm glad that there's not much cash in it so 'booya!' to whoever picked it up and not return it.

Still kinda sad 'cos there were many things inside that can't be replaced, like the photos I have inside. My neoprints with Kim and Leen! Stupid stupid stupid!

But oh well, on the bright side, I get to have a nicer and new IC? Though it cost damnnn ex! $100!

Poor wallet! I'm gonna miss you. The times we had were short but sweet.

It's an unfortunate incident but I still hold on closely to my motto in life:
What's yours is yours. What's not yours, no matter how hard you try, it will never be yours.

So I guess losing my wallet, there must be some kind of meaning to it. And I believe God has a reason for it. Maybe it's to teach me to not be as careless as before. =3

Moving on to a happier topic - Valentine's Day is here!

Happy Valentine's Day is a day for everyone regardless whether you have a partner or not cos V-Day for me is not just a day for couples but also for friends.

So, what are your plans for this special day?

For me, I can't celebrate much as it's a school day. D= Got classes till 6.45pm. Oh wells~
Okie! Happy Valentine's Day to all or as the origin goes - Happy Lupercalia's Day! Enjoy and do remember that you should show your love and appreciation for each other not just on this day but every other day.


I feel like I'm getting kinda of naggy so I shall just end off here now! See ya around! XDD


suki pooki said...

hi there just ran across your blog and wanted to say you're sooo pretty! It sucks you lost your wallet on the bus! If I did that I would cry too!

jO said...

hihi! thanks! yeaa~ was feeling pretty upset but oh wells, gotta go on with life. ^_^ XDD

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