Monday, February 28, 2011

Beach Shoot!

Finally here with my post regarding the beach shoot I did with Leen, Kuromi and Haru, along with Fariz who is the photographer for that day~

Was just supposed to be Leen & Kuromi's casual shoot and I was just there for the sand, sun and joy of it as well as to be Leen's lifeguard for the day.

Camwhore before leaving the house!

Apologies for my horrible mirror~

I feel like Mickey Mouse with my shades on.

Shoot was at Sentosa which was a place that I had yet to seep my feet in for a loooooong time! Cabbed there as I thought I was late...

...but as usual, Leen would be later.

Could not resist doing this as I was waiting..

C'mon~ I was boreeddd! =p

Finally the two late queens arrived and whilst they were getting ready, I was busy too! Busy camwhoring and disturbing them!


FINALLY done and off to Sentosa! (Like finally)

It's been ages since I've been there and I totally felt so noob when I found out that you can use EzLink for the monorail. (yes, you can stop laughing at me now~)


Along with Fariz, Kuromi, Haru and Leen!

Haru was feeling camera shy that day~ =(

No photos from Fariz as one, I was mainly lazing around and soaking in the sun and two, have yet to receive the photos from Leen too! Therefore, all photos here are from my iPhone taken here and there when we were bored~

My current wallpaper now~

Pardon the background~ =p


Much loves to Leen for all these shots!

After that few shots, I was totally tired out and just flopped myself on this awesome rock~

And this is where something amusing occurred.

Some tourists with scarily mega DSLR came to the area and as I felt that tingly feeling that someone was staring, I opened one eye to find those DSLRs pointing right in my direction~ Hahahaha! Oh wells, they were pretty nice and came over to show me the shots they took of me. Found out they were from Romania after chatting and discussing the tourist traps in Singapore. Pretty cool to hear about Romania from them and it sounds like a place I would love to visit in the future~ ^___^

After stoning on the rock for quite some time, Leen and Kuromi came and invaded it for their shoot too and pried me out of my comfy throne~ Went to sink my feet in the cooling water where we did some crazy shots too~


Love the water effect~

There's some monkey business going on in here~

Was really tired after this whole shoot though most of the time I was just lazing around.

It was definitely refreshing to get this short break and enjoy the sun right after coming back from Vietnam. (Yes, contrary to popular belief, I do not stay indoors in order to remain white. >.>)

Went off to meet Jon who finished his archery training~ On a side note, I'm joining the Archery Club in SMU~ Yes, Little Miss Lazy has finally decided to actually join a club~ Hahahaha! I wonder how will archery and I get along. =p Jon is really excited about me joining though. Heex~

Okie! Ending off this post now as my Biz Law class comes to an end for today! Woohooo! Apologies for the delay and hope to see you guys around! Tata for now!

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NanaChan said...

I want to go to the beach too!

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