Saturday, February 12, 2011

Random Shoutouts!


Just a few random shoutouts to all!

1st of all,

Hope everyone had an awesome time collecting angbaos & enjoying this special time with your family and friends~ Would love to have my whole family reunion dinner but then again, with relatives in different countries, it ain't that possible. D=



Happy 21st Birthday to you! Enjoy this special day of yours yea~ XDD Thanks for always being there for me! heex~

Thirdly, have begun selling some stuff to clear my wardrobe and also the number of soft toys that have been accumulating in my room with our tu-tu-tu-tu-tu trips~
Here are some threads~ Do clickie-click on them as you click on the ads here too!

Bodyline Lolita

UFO Plushies [Limited & Special Edition]
Selling an HUGE 80cm Rilakkuma too!! XDD

Cute right??? Heehee! Selling it away as I've got an even bigger Rilakkuma! Jon caught both of them~ XDD More pics of our prizes and hauls from tututu machine next time~

Blog will probably be inactive till 19th Feb as I've got to choing for my reports and mid-terms that are coming up~ AHHHH~ I need my sense of urgency~ I think it flew out of the window!

Speaking of assignments rushing and mid-terms, I feel that school has been such a whirlwind and I miss hanging out and slacking~ It's a good thing I was able to have some time with Kimmy, my church sisters & Sherwin but dang! There's someone I miss a lot!



Leen leen! Miss her loads! Never got the chance to meet up with her much ever since she started work at SGH. D= We gotta meet up soon! During my term break yea? We're getting so busy~

Moving on~
Next Monday is 14th Feb~ Valentine's Day. How are you gonna celebrate it? Or do you prefer Lupercalia Day? I mentioned about it previously last year in one of my posts - Lupercalia Day
Hmmm~ I wonder what's my V-day plans this year~ Somehow, something unpleasant often happens to me on V-day. Wonder if its gonna be the same this year? I hope not~ Gonna have classes till late that day and gotta rush for my report too! Wish me luck~

Okie! Done with some random updates and I'm dead beat! Time for the sleep monster to come out and play~


NanaChan said...

Awww~! You seem to have a fun life!

jO said...

Haha! I'm thankful for the ppl in my life for it~ but there are always ups & downs in life~ just find the silver lining~ ^_<

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