Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day / Lupercalia's Day

Valentine's Day is approaching~~~~

As this year, it clashes with CNY, most people aren't celebrating it on the actual day..I think?

I have always wondered how did Valentine's Day come about. Since last year, I've learned that the origin of it was actually another festival, Lupercalia's Day. It's one day after Valentine's Day and I think its pretty cool to celebrate that.

Through articles I read online, Lupercalia's Day is a pagan celebration and a festival of love and fertility where single men will pick out single women names from a container and thus, spend the day together. Sometimes, this might lead to marriage too. The drawing of the names is normally done on the eve of Lupercalia's Day which is 14th Feb.

Later on, Pope Gelasius changed it from 15th Feb to 14th Feb and its name to Valentine's Day in an attempt to stop the pagan celebration.

And so, this is the origin of Valentine's Day. Heex.

Okie, I was bored, thus decided to check up more on it. =P

Happy Valentine's & Lupercalia's Day!! XDD

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