Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Project Choinnnggg!!!

Blog is getting dusty~ Hahax.. Been pretty busy with projects and family recently thus the lack of updates. Ying Jie and her family just flew back today and tomorrow, Ting Jie's family will be back from Penang and is gonna stay for 1 week here. Gonna miss Clinton and Shanice. Here is a picture of the neoprint we took together with them. Heard their neoprint machines there are really lousy. Hahahaha!

Busy busy busy. 3 projects due this week. Woosh! Wish me luck. Can't wait till next Monday where all projects will be done and relax for a little while before the exams! Ahhhhh!! Which is the week after Chinese New Year. And speaking of which, have you peeps done your CNY shopping?? Whahahaha! I did mine pretty early this year... thanks to Trix. Hahax. She introduced this shop to me with really good sales. Mis'skuzi. It's located at FEP, 4th floor. They import clothes from few Japan fashion brands and normally the stuff are priced $70 and above. With this promotion, you can choose any 2 of their sales items for $140 and it comes along with a Cecil McBee handbag. I was totally tempted because of the bag la! And so, I went back the next day and got the promotion. The two clothes that I bought were rompers. Pretty cute and they were the last 2 pieces of that style. heehee! Lucky~ And while walking around, I went into one shop and got a 'Cheongsam' for CNY Day 1 too. Day 2 I'm wearing one of the rompers. Heex~ Here are my new buys!

Cecil McBee
(They packed the clothes into it and it's like our shopping bag! Very interesting.XDDD

My stuff from Taobao arrived too~ The batch with the extensions, wigs, hairclips and DVDs. Love the new extensions.

Sadly, the wig doesn't suit me and I feel like an helmet head whenever I put it on. Urgh~ Wasted. Shall see what can be done to salvage it. Putting on my extensions make me feel like I wanna curl my hair. Ahhhh~ Should I? Put them on to school and camwhored with my cap and sunglasses.

Love my Cecil McBee bag loads!! Zilian-ing on the bus to XM's house!

He's back from Bangkok! Whahahaha. Happy happy~ He got me this from Bangkok! Special Edition. It has Thai words on it. Hahax.
He might be flying again on Sunday. =( *crosses fingers*

Went out with Leen on Monday for grocery shopping plus random shopping. Hahax. Bought lots of stuff from Watsons & Daiso. Those stores are gooood~ Just look at my buys!

After shopping, went to XM's place to nua as usual. On the way there, had a craving for donuts. Hahax.
Who's peeping?


Yummy Chocolate Donuts~!

Okie~ That's all for tonight! Cut my fringe recently. Next post might have some pictures when I went to SOY'B last Saturday. Stay tuned! Eyes are half closing now. Nites! Here's a picture of my short fringe now. Heex.

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