Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Stuff!


Okie~ Shall blog again. Lots of picture spam from here. Heehee.

SOY'B 2010. Went there with Danny and Leen. It was okkaaayyyy~ Met with a few of my friends. Did not manage to talk much with them as the inner area was super crowded while the outside, well, they can be anywhere outside. Heehee.

Some photos of that day~

On the way to Leen's house to prepare.

Camwhoring while waiting for her.

On the long bus ride down to NP with our brunch~

Camwhoring while waiting for Danny. heehee

We both wore our bear/bunny knitwear that we got from Taobao some time back. Mine's brown while her's was pink. Heex~

After SOY'B, Danny and I went off to meet XM and walked around town for awhile before going separate ways. Shopped around PS with XM and little did I know I was being stalked. Sheesh. Shan't say who.

I've been wandering around PS recently these few days. Went there to photocopy my certs and stuff for uni admissions. Just decided to photocopy some of it first.

While searching for my certs, I found some 'artistic' drawings of mine in 2001!

Whahaha! My mom actually went to laminate it. Drawings when I was in Pri 5. Horrible yea? I'm never cut out for arts and craft. But still, gotta try and improve. Heehee.

Anyway, while travelling down to PS. Freezing cold in the train~

Can see from the picture that it's raining super heavily outside. Kinda of happy though. Thought I wouldn't have a chance to wear my winter wear le. Whahahaha. Yea, I know I can be crazy about winter wear, especially in Singapore.
Main place I was shopping at PS is Daiso. Yeaa, I can buy lots of stuff from there. Love spending time in that shop. There's just so many things to see and of course, buy. Hahax.

One of my random batch that I got from Daiso.

I love caramel corn. Had a sudden craving for it recently. Heex.

Went out for 2 birthday celebrations the past week. Sherwin's and Daniel's! After these two dinners, I felt like I ate a lot recently. Feeling much fatter now. Hahahaha! No pictures, guess I was too busy enjoying the delicacies. Heex.

Date with Leen yesterday. Our original plan was to travel to FEP, Bugis and lastly Vivo. We were planning for ice-cream treats in between and Danny decided to join us for a little while. Ice-cream is goooooood~ Hahahahaha. However, we only went FEP and Vivo as we spent too much time at FEP and we met up later than planned. So, might be going down Bugis on Thursday with Leen again. Was shopping around for CNY stuff and accessories which ended up with us buying some nonsensical stuff, both from FEP and Vivo Daiso. (Yea, we went Vivo just for Daiso) LOL. But I was really glad with some of my buys.

Love the big white fluffy bow I got from FEP and the letter sets from Daiso. And of course, Caramel Corn~ Looveee. Some of the stuff I get are pretty obvious huh? But I'm gonna do something different and hopefully it will turn out ok.

I love the letter sets from Daiso. I bought a total of 4 sets recently.

Super duper nice right??

Actually, the main reason why I kept going to Daiso is due to my fake nails. Bought some from there and also, I'm looking for the nail glue - sticker version. Leen and I saw it at PS Daiso before but it was the last packet. And till now, I can't find it anywhere else. Which was the reason why we went to Vivo Daiso. If anyone knows any other places that sells the sticker version of nail glue for fake nails, do let me know ya? Thanks in advance. Really really really need it. Heehee.

Went out with the Trix, Gerry & Wendy today. Had lots of fun walking around, playing at the UFO Catcher and purikura!~ We spent lots of time (and money) at the UFO Catcher and we managed to catch 7 soft toys! Gerry was the main catcher. And everytime a soft toy drops, we would be jumping in delight. Imagine 4 girls jumping there. WHahahaha. After that, went to Cineleisure to take neoprints and it was fun too~!! Shall wait for Gerry to scan the neoprints in. Heehee. Trix left first while Gerry, Wendy and I continue shopping after dinner. Shopped quite a lot. Just today, Wendy had already bought 2 pairs of shoes! Hahax.. Went to FEP where we all bought socks. I bought gray over-knee socks and they are so much better than the ones I got from the pasar malam. Citrus Sox is gooood! Planning to go back and buy their knee high socks soon. =P

We went to Uniqlo @ Ion too to try to find checkered shirts. However, there weren't any but Wendy & I bought clothes from there too. Mine's a Disney Cinderella tee. There was another tee that I really liked but I just felt that it might be a little too childish if I wear it? Oh well~ My tee came along with 3 Disney badges too~

My steals for today~

The two soft toys are given by Gerry. Angbao packets by Wendy.

My badges along with furry Minnie~!

Went back home after that. Actually, the whole day, I was feeling pretty upset. Guess people could somehow see it on my face. Jun, Sandy, Marcus, Zoe and the rest. Special thanks to Jun and Sandy! They were trying to cheer me up in school. Heehee. Just feeling upset because of some stuff that happened the night before, and also thanks to the stupid nightmare that I had. Urgh. Anyway, things seems to be resolved now and hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day. *crosses fingers*

For the whole day, I only ate 1 Hershey Pie and 1 Reg Coke. Yeaps, that's all. Didn't have any appetite and amazingly, no gastric pain too! Okie, enough of food and unhappiness. XD

Guess what I found when I reached home.

Another bomb! Woots!

Had a hard time opening it.

After opening it, there are 4 treasure boxes in it. Heehee

The 1st box contains...

2nd box was full of..

3rd box

And lastly, the 4th box contains..

My latest buy from Taobao!

Hair Accessories. Just realised I forgot to take picture of the big gray ribbon.

Wedges/Platforms & Pumps! Looveeee~

LED Light Mirror & Bling Bling~

Closer look of the Blings & Mirrors~

Contact Lens Cases.

Super cute right, the contact lens cases! Actually, I'm selling them as I bought way too many. Do let me know if you're interested. I'm selling them around $7 to $9 each. Price can be negotiated. Heehee. Just leave a comment or tag here or you can email me at

There's closer up pictures below~

Bunny/Cat/Frog/Monkey Case

Hello Kitty/Winnie the Pooh Cases

Hello Kitty Case

Okie, that's all. Do let me know if you're interested. XDD

Anyway, while sorting out my stuff, I just realised something interesting.
This label was on the packaging of my mirror.

Ahhh~ Shall go to sleep now. Tired~ No more nightmares please! *crosses fingers*

Can't wait for tomorrow. Nua-ing day with XM after school~ Wheeeee! Nites people! XDD

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