Monday, February 15, 2010

Tiger Year!~


Enjoying yourselves now with all the yummy goodies and stuff? Yum yum~ I'm thinking of the pineapple tarts & chocolate tarts at my house. Heehee. Feeling super duper bloated now, can't sleep, so decided to blog. Lots of pictures again!


Shall start with last Friday which was the last day of my Poly days, thus, mass spam of photo-taking! Whahahaha! Had my last presentation which lasted till 5 +. So here are the pictures.

Glenn & Jun~

Jo & Sandy~


Breakfast Club & Robin~

Ms Cheong decided to join in the fun too!

Won't forget these guys!! hahahaha!
So that concludes my lessons in NYP. Next up will be my exams next week. Whahahaha!

The next day was eve of CNY! Had my reunion steamboat/bbq lunch with my family. It was great!! Been a long time since I had a meal with all of them. After that, I went down to Starhub to renew a line for my mom and managed to get this:

Woots! My Lollipop!!!

Super duper happy. Oh yea, some pictures here aren't gonna be as high quality as previously due to my phone's camera. It's downgraded from a 8.1 M to 3.0 M now. But I still love it!!

My 1st picture on my new phone~

Came back straight, spring cleaned more and had another reunion dinner again. I'm scared of steamboat/bbq now~

Then, it was the morning of CNY! Greeted my parents, took family portrait and went off to church~

On the way~

My bro & I did this. Too bored.

While waiting for the others to arrive.

Photo taking session 1 - Xin Ru, Xin Yi, Xin Lei, Xin Yun & Jo

Photo taking session 2 - Xin Ru, Xin Yi, Xin Lei, Joy, Jean & Jo

Photo taking Session 3 - Jean, Jason, Charmaine, Jovan & Jo

Photo taking Session 4: Joy, Jovian, Charmaine & all the youth! hahaha~

Last but not least, Joy & Jean. My two friends since childhood~ Known each other since we're born~! Whahahaha! Crazies!!

And I realised that me and my bro, we only take 1 picture together once a year. So, here's this year's.

After that, we went to 1 house for visiting. Headed back home after that.

Borreeedddd during the whole afternoon~ Watched lots of movies today. Enchanted, Mulan, some chinese movie, Penelope, What happened in Vegas, etc. Kim came over later on~ Had a short chat with her. Hahaha! Can't wait to meet her again.

Decided to camwhore with my phone halfway~

Ordered KFC. Too sick of steamboat~ Boorreedddd!

Love the purple lens~

Shall end off here~ Looking forward to tomorrow! Having my Valentine's/Lupercalia's dinner with XM. Heehee!

And last but not least, HAPPY LUPERCALIA'S DAY!!!!

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