Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Projects & Fooood~

Just finished doing my MCD report. Finally! Left Int. Biz & Compensation to go. Shall aim to choing finish IB by tomorrow! Yoshhhh!!!

Had presentation for Biz Process Outsourcing today. Had fun playing together with Marcus and reading nonsensical horoscopes and such on my iTouch with Sandy and the girls. Hahahaha!

My companions for today!
Had these yummies to keep me from dozing off. Hahax! Pokka Peach Tea new packaging is cuter than before! Hahax.. Green pea snacks are niceee~ The only time I'll eat green pea. Heehee!

Was going to watch 14 Blades with XM tomorrow but then he had to fly off to Jakarta suddenly for a while. =( So, tomorrow will be IB Day. Ahhh~

Okie, more next time. Going to watch TV now. Taiwanese Drama, Bull Fighting. Looks pretty interesting. Will watch the full drama online after the exams. Urgh! EXAMS!!


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