Sunday, February 28, 2010

Graduated & Jobless


I'VE GRADUATED!!!!!!!! (unofficially.) I'm done with my exams for my polytechnic life for good!

All's left now is to wait for my results to be out and the graduation ceremony. Hehehehe!

After that, I will start out on another journey I guess, a 3 year journey. University life. I really hope I can get into SMU Business School. *crosses fingers & pray*

Anyway, I've decided for March, I shall go find a part time sales or retail job. I'll be looking for a more official job in April after I come back from my Hong Kong trip! I'll probably look around Causeway Point or Far East Plaza area. Saw quite a few shops hiring part timers there. XDD

Gonna be pretty busy in March too! Wheeee! I'll be attending and helping out Jun's chalet this Thursday to Saturday~ Heard that's gonna be lots of drinking and cards. Hahaha. It will be a good time for us to gather around after the exams. Totally can't wait!

After that will be my upcoming Hong Kong trip!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!! I'm super excited till I can't wait for it. Another 26 more days to go. I'll be staying in town and sight-seeing for the 1st 3 nights then off to Disneyland for the next 3 nights before heading back. Total of 7 days 6 nights. Whee whee whee! Been hearing a lot about the Disneyland from Trix. Hahax.. I'm still hyped up over it. Although I've heard a lot of comments about it not being that fun etc, I believe that the company can make a difference and I'm going with one of my closest friends, JEAN!

I'm super duper happy that she can go! Gonna have loads of fun there! Lots of people told me that 1 day is enough for Disneyland but the package is a 2 days offer so gonna enjoy it to the max there! Somehow, my mom also managed to get a 3 nights stay offer at the hotel there so wooohoooo! 1st night at Disneyland Hotel with free breakfast with characters at the Enchanted Garden follow by 2 nights stay at the Hollywood Hotel. Wheeee! Can't wait for it! I'm gonna be able to fulfill my wish of visiting Disneyland before reaching the age of 21 now. Hehehehe. Thanks to my Dad and Mom. XDD

Currently doing research on the different hotels in Hong Kong to decide which will be the best to stay in for the convenience of shopping and sight-seeing. Heard from lots of people that there isn't much to shop over there but still gonna keep my hopes up about it. SHOPPING!!! Though I think I will spend more money at Disneyland though. Hurhurhur. Looking forward to the yummy food too~!

Oh yea, one downside of the whole thing. My Mandarin really sucks and I don't understand a word of Cantonese at all! Wish me luck. Gonna try brushing up on the reading at least so food ordering wouldn't be so tough. XDDD

Totally can't wait for my trip to Hong Kong now. Ahhh~! Anyway, after my exams last Thursday, went out with Jun, Marcus, Glenn, Josephine and Silvia to eat and slack. Walked around AMK Hub as usual. Kinda of bored by AMK now. Heehee. The following day, I followed Dad to his favourite prawning place early in the morning. Went there to accompany him and at the same time, bling my new mirror.

It was a failure. It just confirm that my decision to stay off the arts path was right. Whahahaha!
After that, Eileen came and we went to do Fish Spa! Woots!

She couldn't control her laughter at 1st. LOL!

Buffet @ Jo's & Leen's. XDD

Finally enjoying it~

Massive spam of fishies!

It was gooood~ But Pulau Ubin was much much better. Heex. Headed to Xin Wang Cafe @ Cineleisure later on to meet Trix.

Look at what greedy pig Leen ordered for herself.

She didn't manage to finish the mango snow ice. Tsk tsk.

I ordered Cheese-baked Pork Chop Spaghetti.

Went walk walk around FEP later on and bought each of us bought a bracelet each. We call it Fuo Zhu! WHahahaha! Mine's pink, Trix's is white and Leen's is multi-coloured! Got a pair of pretty heart earrings and my new mascara from Majolica Majorca. Just tried it yesterday. Pretty good~

My steals for the day!

Later on, we headed our separate ways~ I met Xiang Min and we went to watch Little Big Soldier. It was hilarious. Laughing like mad, especially during the NGs. Hahahaha.
At AMK Hub, I bumped in Selphie and Theo respectively, and on Saturday, I bumped into them again, both at Cineleisure too! Super coincidence.

Yeaps, I went to Cine again.

I met up with Trix, Gerry & Wendy before that for the Watsons sale at Expo.

Bought some goodies there! This is one of it.

It was 2 for $5 so each of us got 1. Gerry got Mickey, Trix got Ariel, Wendy got Tinkerbell and I got Minnie~! Wheee!

The Natas Fair was like flooding with people sia! Crazy queues! Met up with XM later on and went to Ginza Barin @ ION to have our dinner. Mine's Chicken Katsu Don~

Love the eggy!

Went walkie walkie around orchard to look for some stuff before going back. Was super tired that day due to lack of sleep the past few days. Hahahax.

Meet my new addition to my bed~! Vanilla a.k.a Lala~

Got it from the Watsons sale @ $4. XD

Ending off here~ Had a slackerlicious day with Jean today! XDD

Tomorrow shall be the day when I do my wardrobe clearing which I've been procrastinating for a looooong time. Gonna take up driving soon too! More next time~

Oh yea, wanted to share this song here.

Been hearing it on Channel 5 recently since I was up late. It only plays around 2am to 4am I think. The song and its meaning is nice!!~ Heehee

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