Saturday, February 20, 2010

Study Study Study..

I'm supposed to be studying now. Supposed. But, just can't get anything into my head and kinda of stuck. Had a good atmosphere for studying but mom had to rush into my room to show me the package plan for the Hong Kong trip. YEAPS! I'm gonna go Hong Kong!! Disneyland!! Wheee~

Praying real hard I'll be able to go as my mom will only go for it if the tour agency allows us to extend 2 more nights so that we'll be able to have some free & easy time. This time, if we go, it'll just be my mom and me~ The package plan is a 3D2N stay at one of the Disneyland Hotel! Woots! So can't wait. It'll definitely be in March, dates not confirm. Mom's gonna call and ask about it tomorrow and hopefully, book it tomorrow too~!! Excited!! And now you know why I can't study. =P

Just came back from Jovan's house. Watched a few animes together. His room is O.O. Lucky fellow. He made me feel like getting a new laptop now! Okie, I should probably get a new one though, judging from the lag-ness now. Heehee. FF13 is niceee! Played that at his house. Before going to his house, met Kim and Joline to submit our admissions for NUS. Argghh!! Bad experience. Bah! NUS, not them. Had a crazy time after that and went to try KFC's egg tart. Wasn't too bad.

Hrmmm~ Suddenly, I feel like I'm blogging backwards. Whahahaha! Since it's done, might as well continue.

Yesterday, I went to the airport to send my dear boyfriend off~

It's my 1st time sending him off despite the numerous times he has flown. =P Had Popeyes there together too. Yummy! Had 2 loooong bus rides to and fro the airport but it was good, helped me study. But I had to take a break after a while so.....

Played with Lolly. Heehee.

Did some editing to the picture~ XDD

After that, went to collect my Valentine gift from my boyfriend~ I gave him mine the previous day. Forgot to take pictures. Oh well, it was a customised keychains and one of it was an ambigram with both our names! Super cool. Love it loads!! Hahahaha! So, he passed me the receipt and told me I had to collect it on my own as he was flying off the next day. =( Oh well, his flying here and there are always pretty sudden but kinda of expected it too. Not as in I knew he was flying but, some things, just gotta take it as it is. Heehee~

Anyway, he got me something from my wishlist! Something that I wanted for a super duper long time!! Had a hard time finding it too.

He got me my name necklace!!! AHHHHH!!!!!! I was super excited when I first saw the receipt (ok, not at 1st, was kinda of slow that day. He was poking fun of my slow-ness). Finally!! My name necklace!

Wore it out today~ Loooveeeee!

Thank you so so much Xiang Min!!

Now I get to strike that off my wishlist. Sweeeeett! Okie~ Shall go back to studying, hopefully. Though my mind is currently on the pending HK Disneyland trip, I shall try my best. (Ya right!)

Some pictures at the airport~

My dear is flying to Bangkok~

Ending this post with a picture of us~ XDD

Be safe~

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