Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm at a loss!

I seemed to have lots of delayed posts and have no idea where to start.

This is what happens when I procrastinate too much! Argh!

I never did get to upload the photos from the beach shoot I did in Jan with Leen.

Or anything regarding Chinese New Year.

Maybe I should just spam photos.. or maybe not?

Anyway, I've been pretty busy due to school and probably will be for the rest of the next 3 years of my life but I'll still try my best to keep this blog alive and it totally helps with the emails, comments and all that I get~ ^__^

So keep them coming in yea? =p

I'll prolly do an individual post separately regarding those few events that I mentioned above so be prepared to see them up...soon, i hope~

So do be patient with me and I'll boost this place up again! XDD

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