Thursday, June 4, 2009

Retail Therapy

Yes, I went for retail therapy today instead of ice-cream. (though I still ate ice-cream cake today)

Well, went to shop around FEP today with Eileen. Practically walked all the levels and the 'small streets'. Actually wanted to get school bags for each of us but just couldn't find the ones that we are interested in. Eileen is still only interested in the Zinc bag but I want to look around more. Its GSS afterall.
In the end, we got a tee each after walking for so long. I'm happy with my tee. Its bright and colourful~ Hahas. Too bad the other tee I wanted is OOS. Argh! My shoes also have a hole at the bottom of it. Shoe shopping soon! GSS! XDD Oh yea, my online stuff arrived too. So many of the stuff are OOS. Rah! That added to my unhappy mood. D=

I'm not in a good mood these few days. No matter how hard I try to deny or hide it even from myself, I still end up feeling irritated and short-tempered. Don't really want to talk to people too. Maybe its all the horrible confusion that's been accumulating. Freak! I don't wish for myself to be so moody. Thank goodness I went for retail therapy. At least that lighten my mood. Practice made me forget about any mood. Dinner too. But I guess, tomorrow will be a bad day for me. Sigh. I'm looking forward to friday now.

Get out of this crappy phase fast fast! I don't want and like a moody irritated me!
Maybe its just the tiredness talking. Too much reports these few days. I should sleep early then.
Nites!~ Bah!

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