Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pool Bwanging~

Natsu practice again today! Woots!!

Was supposed to meet Trixy and Lue Song for jogging at 9am however......the stadium was taken and Mr Lue Song is late... again. Thus, Trixy and I went to Mac to eat and chit chat while we waited for the rest of the people to join us.

After that, we went down to Singapore Power Station or somewhere to have our natsu a studio~ With super nice bathroom!!! If only NYP has such good facilities, I think I'll bathe there everyday. Hohohoho~

Though today was not as 'intense' as last week but my right thigh is giving me problems most of the time. Stupid stupid stupid thigh! Anyway, I'm enjoying natsu practice now but there's lots of space for me to improve. Definitely. Jiayou!

Later on, went to eat Botak Jones. It was my 2nd or 3rd time eating it. Fish & Chips are nice!~ Even though I shared a plate with Jasmine but I still couldn't finish it thus I passed them over to Joo Bin. LOL. Dunno who's that? Whahahahahaha!

After makan-ing, Ban Theng, Kim Kai, Lue Song, Xiang Min, Steve, Ozzy, Jasmine, Selphie, Emily and I walked over to Meridien to play pool there. Hahas. We played a kind of pool game with poker cards and the 1st round was a loooooong one. But the whole game was fun and super entertaining. LOL.. Shu Herng joined us later... Merlion~ Whahahahaha.
Anyway, pool is really fun, with all the bwanging. And I think I learned a bit more on how to aim and hit the balls...or maybe not. But its definitely much better than my 1st try at pool with that horrible selfish pig! Super entertaining!~ Hahas.

These few days, lots of people have been showing me the parody of 'Nobody' by Wondergirls. But the parody version is by Mr Brown. Classic. Whahahahaa. Then Steve still keep letting me hear all the crazy stuff by them. So much of it until I can crack up over any minor stuff. Ahhhhh!!!! But its funny. LOL

Anyway, I guess I should start on my report tomorrow and chiong all the way. Rest for now! Definitely have to chiong until Thursday. The past week, I've been feeling confused over some stuff. Hopefully it will all get cleared up soon. Sigh~ Saw some bad disturbing stuff on Thurs too. But feeling much better after yesterday and today. LOL
Focus on my bag and shopping trip with Trixy and Eileen on Monday!! Jiayou jiayou! XDDD Cya then.~

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