Sunday, May 24, 2009

*Dust Dust*

*Dust dust*

How many days have I not updated? Or I should use weeks. Judging from my last post, its been almost a month! Hahas.

Just some updates about what I've been doing in my life~

As usual, I can't find my motivation to study or start my reports yet, but they will come soon.. I hope. School is definitely much better for me thanks to my friends. I guess I still ask myself this question at times, 'Am I really suited for the business world?'
After asking myself this question, my answer is always 'Yes!' Now let's see if the business world is ready for me, let say, 5 years down the road? Hahas. I'm prepared to start from the bottom and work my way up. I'll definitely crawl or climb up the ladder! Even if I'm pulled down, I'll still find my own legitimate way up. (Yes, I won't resort to underhanded methods.)
I've met lots of juniors around in NYP, be it CHR juniors or friends I've known from other places. Surprisingly, I couldn't recognize most of them. Hahas!

CAF 2009:
Not much stuff that requires me to state here. However, I just hope that they will really buck up as there seems to be more work for them to catch up on unlike us last year. I won't want to lose 10 years of my age through this event so its all gonna be entertainment to me. Whatever they do. I must learn to see things further and predict the stuff that will happen. (As Shifu says... 'OHMMMMMM') And no, I'm not training under a waterfall in a forest or jungle.

OUCH! I think that summarizes everything. Hahas.
Dance for Natsu 2009 is fun! even though the 'after-effects' of it are painful. I can't move my body much. I feel like a robot the whole day cos any abrupt movements will kill me. Anyway, there are 4 songs for Natsu this year. Its definitely fun and I'm really happy that I joined JMD last year. Even though I'm pretty slow in it, I'll work doubly hard to catch up! Yosh!

I've been hanging around more with Leen and the rest now. Our after school meetings are often what I look forward to. Ice-cream~~~ Really am grateful for them for being in my life. Especially Eileen. We drag each other to weird places and always talk about nonsensical stuff. Hahas. Also had a great time with BT, KK when we go out to eat, movies or just random walking in Singapore. Crazy times.. (I'm walking on sunshine.. Woooo Ohhhh)

There are also lots of crazy and fun times on saturday too. The fun in learning the choreo, the 'shower-time gossip', dinner. Yesterday was a classic example. How long has it been since I've laughed like that? Hanging around with the OPG Ardorythmatics/Alumni group is fun. Though my 1st impression of them wasn't exactly all that good but yea, they are really nice and crazy people. Hahas. They are also the cause of my stomachache. JMD is a family..I really feel that now. XDD

I've also starting to learn things from Danny (Shifu...Ohmmmmm). I really hope I'll be able to graduate from his school with flying colours absorb and learn lots of things from him because I believe that my future dream job will definitely need it. And I'm pretty sure that it applies greatly to my life currently now too. Lots of people seems to be saying I'm like a little 'weirdo/monster' that Danny has created and taught but I don't think so. Hahas.

Okay, I guess that's all for the updates on my life.

Recently, someone posted me a question on how would I treat my kids in the future. I always believed in the saying, 'Spare the rod and spoil the child.' If I were to have kids in the future, I definitely would not spoil them. I would also not keep protecting them like how my parents have treated both me and my brother. Because I've seen the consequences of that teaching, there are more cons than pros. Nonetheless, I still love my parents even though there are lots of conflicts between us. XDD

Anyway, back to the topic of kids. Actually, I can't even imagine myself as a wife, not say a mother. Hahas. I pity whoever who is going to be my husband. LOL. Of course I would want a family of my own. Definitely. But....First of all, my character is kinda of demure'abnormal'? Hahas. And second of all, my dream job.

There are 2 dream jobs for me. If its the practical job, its going to be in the events industry. If I could really dream more and do it, it would be in the tourism industry. Somewhere along the line of a tour guide or a job that lets me travel around the world. Yeaps. I really want that. We just gotta see what lies in our future. For me, the future seems uncertain right now but I'm just going to do my best and do as many things as I can with my friends and family! Yoshie Yoshie! XDDD

Guess I'll stop here for now or I'm going to have to add fingerache to the aching parts of my body. Hahas. Shall end off with my most recent picture.. XDDD

Cya till next time then!

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