Thursday, April 30, 2009


Whoosh! I've never danced like this for a long time! I think since Open House. My body felt awkward when I started to dance at first, but getting better as I continue to practise. But still lots of place for improvement. Definitely. I shall do my best.

Somehow dancing makes me forget about my stupid sore throat and cough. Yeaps, I started coughing today..Yesterday was flu. But thank God that my throat is healing, its much better now! Just the cough for now. Oh yea, somehow, I don't really have any appetite to eat these few days. For this week, I've been mainly eating one meal per day which is enough to keep me full. Like yesterday and today, I only ate 1 Doublecheese burger and wasn't hungry the whole day. Had to stuff the whole burger down.

Today was SJCC orientation and I'm actually quite disappointed with them I guess. Shan't say much but I'm sure they will learn from today's event and do better for the next event. Jiayou!

My first week of school is pretty hard to adjust my mentality back from work to studying. Plus this year, all my modules are theory based, no calculations or anything. Sigh, the modules are quite boring. A lot of ICA projects so hopefully my group will be able to work well~ Somehow, after talking to Mel and Vann, I realise that most of my classmates do not hang out with each other outside school, normally is go class, break together, home after school. We will seldom go out so I guess my class is not as bonded as others. Sad.. I guess I'm more attached to SJCC friends than my classmates.

School will be boring for me if I didn't join SJCC and met all my friends there.

Dance practice today was for natsu, supposed to be Wonder Girls Nobody dance, but in the end, not enough time and was practising Cheng Yao with them. Hahas! The dance is niceeeee~~ Tiring but nice. Legs gonna die tomorrow.. I still have lots of things to improve for the dance too. But I enjoyed it. Though I was a little unsure whether to dance for natsu but after dancing Cheng Yao, it reaffirms my decision to perform. Though I'm confirmed for 'Nobody' choreography now, I must do my best in that choreography and also in Cheng Yao. The dance is addictive! I want to dance it too!! XDDD Jiayou jiayou!!

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