Sunday, April 26, 2009

Movies Review

I'm back for a movie review and a short post if I'm not too tired. For this period, these are the movies I've caught and shall post what I feel about it because I can't sleep yet. But since there are quite a few movies, I shall try to keep them in one sentence. XDDD

Hilarious, average storyline but funny jokes and etc...Quite interesting, like any Hong Kong Police drama series.
A show that disappointed me greatly as the movie seems to say, even if you know about it, you can't change anything and you're gonna DIE!!!!
A definitely must watch if you like cars and action. It was my 1st time watching the series and I liked it! XD
Happy in the beginnning, tearjerker at the end. Like what my friend said, "We paid $6 to cry."
Quite an exciting shows and their powers are cool....hahas..
Nicey nice shows for dogs lover. It will tug at your heart at some time in the movie. And their inventions are super good which will make you feel like buying one for your pet too..
A definitely must watch for everyone. You will just keep laughing 90% of the whole movie.
Comedy movie with a slight twist at the end with ridiculously funny scenes.
Nice chick flick. Their pranks were funny and really shows how scheming a woman can be..hurhurhur
A funny yet 'touching' movie where it shows that outcasted and unique kids are all seeking love and concern. Its definitely funny..XDD
A must watch movie too! The casts are already WOW and the storyline is good. Different stories surrounding them. Those random inputs are the best!
A show that will make you very very hungry. Pretty interesting, well, kungfu shows have always been interesting. The food will make you drool. Kinda of freaky how the chefs are able to sort out what ingredients they need etc..
Finally, the last one. PUSH! A super nice show and the storyline is good. The ending was interesting and good. The phsyic powers are enough to make you go WOW too. But there are some parts where we just can't understand why they didn't use their power. LOL

Finally done, didn't do a good job on it. And since it is 1am, I shall go to bed now. I'll continue with posting tomorrow about some of my recent thinkings and also my life!~ Nites

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