Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's my LIFE!!

Let's see, after the revival post, I got lazy and stopped blogging again. Hahas. Hard to type out what I actually did in these last few weeks so I'll just state the more significant and important points I guess.

My attachment is over!!! Woohoooooooo~~~~ Finally, I made some great friends through there, Vann, Mel and Fiona. The 3 interns are also known as VJM. LOL, Fiona was a HR assistant who had just been employed and.....hahas. Oh well, she posted some of our photos that we took on the last day in facebook so I won't post it up here anymore and I didn't take any pictures. All that I have to do now is the IPP report which I'm dreading it. Ugh. I think its going to be all about filing. Sigh~~~

School's starting tomorrow. My timetable is okay. Not the best or the worst. I get fridays off!! 6 modules, mainly touching on the HR side. Let's hope I'll be able to do well in my studies again. Though I feel really slack now. Can't wait to meet familiar faces back in school and see if I can spot any in the Year 1 batch.

Anyway, there are a few creepy disturbing stuff happening to me these few days. I wonder if there is some kind of sign over my head saying, "Disturb this person, its fun!"

Disturbing scene 1:
I was on my way to my workplace and walking through the underground pass when I saw this guy in his mid 30s. He had dreadlocks and the 'towel' he used was of a denim material. That's not the worst. He was wearing denim shorts above his knee and a translucent 'blouse' that was almost reaching his shorts! Translucent! I probably burned my eyes after that scene. I wanted to pass him 2 plasters to prevent anyone from suffering the same way I did.

Weird scene 2:
The next day, I was sitting in a bench next to Singtel, waiting for Kim, watching my videos in my PSP when this lady started yakking loudly near me. At first I thought that she was talking to someone esle so I didn't bother. But suddenly I heard her speaking very closely to me and all I caught was " Singtel shop here?" In chinese too. So I just turned to her direction and pointed at the 'oh-so-obvious singtel shop right next to us.' Which she replied me asking me what the time was and if there was another one nearby. I replied her saying that I was not very sure of it and she started complaining to me about how late Singtel starts work etc and how she had paid her bill recently and they cut off her line. So I just stared and nodded but not before getting a shock from her attire. She was dripping! Her hair, clothes and bag looked like she had purposely walked in the slight drizzle. As I had just entered from outside, it was only a slight drizzle but I wished she would dry herself before popping out next to someone and start her complaints.

Disturbing scene 3:
On the last day of my attachment, I took the mrt with Vann to Novena to visit both of our relatives in TTSH. Upon entering the train, there was this suspicious white styrofoam box that was right next to the doors. Everyone just stood there and it looks like it did not belong to anyone. The two of us kept staring at it and everyone was like trying to keep a distance away from it. We hoped that nothing will happen if it really is some kind of suspicious item for the next two stops. Once we alighted, we went to the control station just to let them know and showed them the picture of the box that I took. Interesting, I wondered what happened to it later on. Vann was saying, what happens if it turns out to be crabs? LOL!

Disgusted scene 4:
Just after that, walking along TTSH corridor with Vann, we met these 2 people quarreling. A patient with a broken arm and a Kopitiam staff. The patient was obviously injured as he had his arm in a sling and his head was facing down as he was talking while his other hand was holding his handphone and tissues too. He was rushing to the toilet while the lady insisted that he bring his stuff along with him. He asked if she could just bring it to the Kopitiam above but the lady shouted back at him, asking him to carry his own stuff. (Oh, we were dragged in because the lady stopped Vann and I to explain to him that he had to take his stuff with him.) Seeing this, both of us volunteered to take his stuff up for him and followed the lady to the Kopitiam. The staff there were telling us we shouldn't have agreed to take his stuff and saying that the patient was mentally unstable. But I shoot them back, saying that there were no other alternatives. That patient obviously couldn't take his own belongings right?? Its true that you have to close the shop soon but there are hardly any customers inside and you guys are just lounging there. Have some sympathy man! Sheesh, Vann and I took the stuff and later on, the poor guy was really in a bad situation. The whole story with him is pretty long and this is just part 1.

Funny scene 5:
This is pretty random. On the way to school yesterday, I sat behind a lady who clipped up her hair....using a peg! Serious, I was shocked but I took a picture of it. I couldn't stop laughing. But i pity the hair, it must have hurt.

Okay, end of all the weird, disturbing stuff.
I met up with Kim (another weird person..XDD) yesterday to attend her youth service. I had a really good time there and it reminded me of the times I attending CF during secondary 1. Happened to meet Joel Bay there too. Hahas, it was a long time since I met him. He still looks pretty much the same like in CHR except he got his own bike now. Bike, not bicycle, which was what I thought at first. Hahas! Kim and I talked about a few stuff and yea, I kinda of agreed with what she said and of course, there was gossip too. Interesting stuff. We bought this disgusting bubble tea from Northpoint and it was really bad.
We also met up on Tuesday and went back to CHR. Managed to meet Koa, Santha, Hock, David, Dennis and also Thomas Than. Ahhhh~~~ Talked about the good old days where we were so mischievious and played pranks on practically all the teachers that were close to us. Most of the teachers have left the school and the surviving ones seems so stress. But I'm really glad we managed to catch up with them. Its been soooo long since I last saw them. Koa's daughter is super cute now!~~~

Anyway, back to school.
I went back to NYP on sat for CAF meeting. It was the 1st meeting for CAF 2009. CAF was something that my batch started up, I want to see it through until it really blooms. The 1st one was a success and I want to make sure the next one is a bigger success too.
Though organizing CAF last year was pretty tough, but I was glad that there was this event. Through this event, I found another passion that I can pursue in my future career. Events management. Somehow, I really enjoyed it during the planning and the on-site work. That is one side I would like to pursue next time, and hopefully, I can get a degree in it too.

I also went to take a look at the 1st natsu practice. Didn't know it was that day until Sok Hiang told me. hahas, didn't check facebook at all. XDDD Anyway, decided to join them for Natsu performance this year too. Last year was really fun at Natsu.

I know that with my third year now and stuff, some people will probably think I'm mad for taking up so many activities but I believe I will be able to cope my time management. And the main thing, my attachment made me realise that time is short, once I step into the workforce, I have to give up on a lot of things. So I'm going to do as many things as I can in my final year. I'm going to enjoy the things I want to now so that 10 years down the road, I won't look back and regret. So that I won't regret my life in NYP. For the 2 years I've been here, I've never once regretted anything.
I did not regret not appealing, I did not regret joining SJCC, AAA, JMD. I did not regret anything I did so far and I do not want it to start at all. You may call me crazy or so, but I want to live life to the fullest! Time is really short. The things happening these few days made me realise it.
I mentioned it above, I went to the hospital to visit my grandma, who was just diagnosed with cancer. I'm not very sure of the stage now but I do hope everything will be okay.

Going to go off for now..its a really long post. Hahas...time for me to sleep~~~ School tomorrow~

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