Monday, June 15, 2009

A not-so-good-day

Been feeling kinda of moody the whole day. Didn't feel like talking much. Had a CAF meeting in the morning which was pretty ok. After that, Danny, Trixy, Jia Hui, BT and I went for ice-cream @ Swensens and shopping at Junction 8. Mainly was BT buying clothes. All of a sudden, my back started to hurt again. Been so long since it hurt. It felt like there was an elastic band holding my back and it feels like I gotta bend and snap/crack it in order to set it back to normal. It acted up when we were at Swensens. Tried to adjust my back to the seat. Felt slightly better then it hurt again after walking for a while. Crap! I hate it.

Anyway, we were joined by Steve, KK, Eileen and Zhi Sen (kor) for a movie @ AMK. Was watching Land of the Lost. Its a mindless movie. A little draggy for me. However I got freaked out at a few parts. Ugh~ I gotta start to overcome my fear of 'horror' stuff. Yea, maybe I should start watching horror shows and take it as a form of entertainment. I wish~

Currently listening to 'The Climb' by Miley Cyrus. Feeling kind of down now. Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to smile again like usual soon~ =) I must stop emo-ing tmr! Think happy thoughts.
Hopefully this wednesday and thursday will allow me to relax and cheer up~ Planning to go Underwater world, musical fountain, skyride and luge! And shopping @ Vivo of course.

Off for now. byebye. Kinda of hard to conjure up any happy thoughts now.

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