Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Short Break~

I'm going to Sentosa tomorrow~ Or rather, later. Hahas. I'm going there with my mom and her colleague but I'm sharing a room with Eileen~ Mom helped me book a hotel room with Eileen at Rasa Sentosa~ Woots. And yes, I'm straight. Sleepover at Sentosa. Plan to go lots of places to play later on, hopefully will get to look see at most of the places I want to go~ Whahaha. I can't wait for my short break there. Hopefully, I'll get to relax myself there and have a greaaaat time!!~

My back is much better today, like I guessed, the pain would fade away. Though my friends have been asking me to visit the doctor, I don't like to make such a fuss out of it. Doesn't seems serious. I'll go when its serious. Promise~ Though I feel really really bad for making lots of people worry about me. But at the same time, I feel their care and love~ Thanks guys & gals!~

Anyway, seems like there's quite a few close people around me feeling down or having lots of troubles. Maybe its the season for it, but anyway, my advice to most of them were, follow your heart and at times, intuition.~ Main thing! Don't ever regret. Yeaps..that's what I feel. So I hope that they will cheer up too and maybe seeing it from another perspective, the problem won't seem so major as you thought it was. Hahas. Though I'm still thinking and confuse about stuffs too, I guess I don't have the courage to stand up. Oh well~

Smile~ .^_____^.Okie~ Its 2am and its going to be a long and hyper day for me later. Guess I should go take some rest now. Yawns~

Anyway, here is the link to the pictures we took at the Central. Credits to Eileen, Steve and I.

Central Zilian Session

Nites people~ Off to my short break~!!

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