Tuesday, August 18, 2009

1 down~ 2 to go.

Hbehav is down!~ And surprisingly, its easier than what I expected. Felt pretty god for the paper. However, can't say the same for tomorrow's paper, Employees & Industrial Relationship. Left 3 more lectures to read through and also a few more to memorize. Haven't started on the calculations yet. Whahahahahaha~ Oh well, hopefully it will be ok. I started studying around 11am. Study, relax, study, chat, study, play until 6. Felt a little tired so knocked out. Just woke up not long. Hahas. I feel so lethargic now. I shall go wash my face after this post.

Had practice last night and another practice tomorrow night. I gotta practise more and remember what they said and execute it out. Just remembering is no good, I gotta execute it out. I kept turning and turning yesterday. Hahas, and pose. -.- Oh well, hopefully this sat's performance will be great and we'll all be able to enjoy ourselves and have a great time there. I know I will! XDDD

Yesterday also played with falsies with Eileen. She taught me how to put it on and etc. Had to use the kiap kiap thingy at 1st but later on, tried different ways etc. Its fun and kind of addictive. Simple and easy too. Think that will soon be one of my essentials in makeup soon. Whahaha. Getting some tomorrow after my exam. Heex.

Hmmm, nothing much for now. Shall continue studying soon. My back is hurting quite a bit these few days. I've decided that if after Natsu it still continues hurting, I'll visit a doctor then. Though I still find it a little troublesome, but still, its better to do so and put worries to relief. Though I'm worrying about it more now. When I bent down last night, I could hear a freaking loud and long crack down my spine. It was freaking shocking for me that I momentarily stopped there. Might have carried too many things in my bag le. Whahahahaha. Thus the decision to visit a doctor if my back still hurts. =)

Okie dokie!~ Back to studying now. Hoping to be able to meet Kim soon. Her birthday this saturday. Hopefully can see her on Sunday or Monday!~ XDD

Can't wait for this friday and the weekend~

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