Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Journey

I really shouldn't be blogging now but as I'm heading off to the library to study later, might as well get some entertainment in 1st before my mugging. Exams are just next week! Die die die!

These few days were busy and fun too~ Hahas. Natsu is coming up soon. 1 day after my last paper. Phew~ At least I will be able to enjoy it thoroughly.
We also celebrated Trixy's birthday yesterday at natsu practice before she left for Japan for her birthday. Lucky! I want to go Japan too..Oh well, there will be a chance to go someday~

Hahas. I think I'll take a short 1 week break after my exams are over and I'll be out looking for a job. So still looking for lobangs.

Oh, I had a super nice dream just not. For this dream, I kinda of agree about dreams coming from subconscious thinking. It was a 30 min dream. Cos I remembered I woke up at 9.30, had the dream and I woke up around 10am. Ahhhh~ It seemed realistic. Woots! Hopefully it comes true. hurhurhur.

Shan't blog too much now. Gotta get through the horrible exam period 1st. Sheesh.

Anyway, I'm glad and happy that he's with me, starting this journey together. even though I feel so o** now. XDDDD

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