Wednesday, August 19, 2009


My grandma passed away this morning in her sleep. My mom's mother. It was a peaceful death and at least, we're glad that she's no longer in pain and in Heaven now. Thanks for the concerns and things. Though my grandma wasn't that close to me, but still, there are memories that I had of her and it was always a kind and concerned image even though at times, it can be frustrating too. Heard the news from my dad about it on the mrt so rushed back home. On the way back, there was sadness in my heart and at times, almost cried but still, had to hold back. Was more worried about my mom. Upon seeing her, felt much better, my mom is glad that grandma got to be released of her suffering and disease and is back in heaven. The wake is just 2 blocks down my house and the cremation is on Saturday morning. So after it, I gotta go off to meet the rest for Natsu.
Feeling much much better now. .^______^.

Anyway, finished my 2nd paper today, it was pretty ok. Not as good as Hbehav but still, for last minute 'studying', quite happy with it. Hahas. Anyway, seems like the exam stress is getting to everyone. Met a weird guy this morning. Guessed he's from SEG, he approached me and a couple of my friends to ask if we were having exams. After which, he continued to tell Silvia on how to prepare for her exam and that she should breathe in deeply before reading her question. Silvia was just looking at the guy. Then the guy proceeds to tell her that he will be behind her all the way and he believes that she can do it. Silvia still giving the stone face. When this was happening, I did not pay much attention and just heard the 'I will be behind you. I will be behind you', thus the curiosity to look and saw this scene. To which, Jun told me that this was not the 1st time he is doing this. And here after we were discussing, the guy happened to spot the 2 of us and pointed our direction. To which, Jun moved away and I became 'interested' in my book. I looked up to see him still staring my direction. And this was what happened:

Weird Guy (WG) *points to Jo*
Jo raises eyebrow.
WG: You.
Jo: Ya.
WG: Just relax, I will be behind you.
Note: I was leaning on the pillar and not studying at all. In a relaxed position.
Jo: Ya. *shrugs and looks back at book*
(WG: I believe you can do it.
Jo: Ya, I know I can do it. Thanks. *waves him off with my hand*) X2

The last part repeated twice before he walked away, to which we all burst out laughing. Oh well, think he's probably under a lot of stress. But that lightened up our moods as we head into the examination hall.

Last paper on Friday. Gotta find time to study. Went down to FEP to get my falsies and glue. Happy~ Able to play with them on Friday and Natsu le. Heex. I can't wait for Friday now. Should probably start going down now. There's a service later.

Wanted to post up some pictures but forgot I was using my dad's laptop. Will post it up once I use my laptop after my exams. Tata~

Happy~ Thanks to him, he made me laugh even though he doesn't know it. XDDD

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