Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A farewell, an new age.

This feels like 3 years ago.

3 years ago, I was in a similar state as I am now - entering another phase of my life. Instead of Nanyang Poly, it's now Singapore Management University. However, 1 thing remained the same. I'm going in alone. Again.

Boy, now that I've typed it out, it really feels that way.

I wanna to study with my clique again! >.< (yea, whining won't get me anywhere) Well, though I'm not looking forward to my life there as of yet, I believe I'll have fun there. What I used to comfort myself 3 years back is that, 'It's a start of a new life!'. Why? Cos no one knows who you were before, it's a new start. I wonder what am I gonna accomplish there and who will I meet. Should I be laid-back or active? What CCA should I join? How should I go along with my studies? How are the people gonna be like? Favoring JC over poly students?


All these questions have constantly been floating around in my mind and are giving me an headache and making me 'fraid of starting school. I guess, the important thing is to be true to yourself... right?

Ahhhhh~ I wonder if I should go for the camps. Both are next week. Feeling really lazy to go for it. Wanted to take a break before I start school~ Afterall, I've been working hard recently. =p


But 1 thing I'm looking forward to are gatherings and parties in SMU! I wonder how they will be like. What I've heard from Joy is that there are gatherings to clubs (I had no idea about this?) and also dinners and such. Seems pretty fun and interesting and from what I gather online about SMU Biz School, there is gonna be a gala dinner / Vegas Night on the 3rd week of the new semester. Sounds interesting~

Mah~ This is just a post as I'm still feeling lethargic from work and my reluctance to start work. BUT, I've finally stopped procrastinating and am starting my driving lessons from this Saturday onwards. I will and I must! I've put it off for like 2 months.

Okay, so you know what 'new age' I was referring to ya? For farewell, easy. My colleagues & my working life for now. Gonna be missing them so much!!
Had an awesome buffet lunch with them yesterday as a farewell meal and Japanese buffet lunch just now with my direct colleagues/supervisors. Still thinking if I should go back during the hols to work or venture to other companies. Afterall, I should experience different things when I have the chance to.

Okie, that's all~ Please go look at my sales page and give my yukatas a good home. Also, clickie click on my ads okie? I think they're potato chips ads now. Its making me crave for them. Dmn~

P.S. Thanks for all the manga links~ Just finished Ouran 81, absolute loooveee~!!

*Spoiler alert!*

Finally their feelings are out in the open! ^_____^!!! So dmn happy~
P.S.S. Btw, anyone has any good lobang on massages? Shoulder, back or legs? Dying for 1~

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