Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pampering Sessions!

I just came back from driving lesson #1 and decided to not procrastinate and upload long awaited photos from Lolly and while I'm at it, I thought I would just blog too~

Had an awesome time this week sleeping in, watching dramas, doing some work here and there and preparing for uni stuff. Miss this kind of feeling so much~

Was pretty upset earlier by a #$%^&*@ damn cab driver and some other things that happened so decided to do this post 1st as it's an happy post! Hahahahaha! Just looking at the pictures are enough to make me laugh.

2 weeks back, I brought the gals to NailsBar for a pampering session as I was flabbergasted to hear that they have not done a manicure before. (Okay, we actually made plans to go before I found out about it. Hahax)

And so we went and tons of laughter ensues~

Deciding on our mani & pedi colours.

Me waiting for them to be done. XD (Btw, photo quality sucks due to me using Lolly as my camera decided to die on me)

Da Jie gets the honor of doing it 1st. =p

And Joy is really the most fickle-minded person of all times! And she finally decided on NDP colours for her nails. -.-''

Done with nails~ (Look at Joy's NDP nails. LOL!)

Next, off to camwhoring session in the toilet!

Group photo!

Awesome company + food + pampering = LOVES!

Mad happy that day!

All that was missing that day was Jean.

Can't wait to see her again!

End of pampering session #1!

Pampering Session #2: Fish Spa with Joy!

Decided to go to pamper our feet again since the last time we did it together was last December at P.Ubin and this time, I brought Joy to where I went with Leen previously. I do not know the exact location but it's at Bishan. Currently they have a 'Buy-2-get-1-free' promotion and even if its just the 2 of you, they will still give it to you. They split the promo between the two of us so we got extra 20++ minutes free~! ^___^

Fishie fishie~

Joy delaying the time to put her feet in.

Buffet for the Fishies!

All that is left of my feet. You can see what colour I got for my pedicure. =p

Attempting to be freaked out by the fishies..... Not.

Aftermath of doing the fish spa?

Nah. They got tired of eating the same feet I guess. LOL!

Joy terrorizing the fishes at another corner.

Attempt No. 2.


Contest to see whose fringe is longer.

The fishes just can't get enough of us.

Legs + feet felt madly smooth after that~ Went to visit my dad at the prawn farm where Joy prawned for awhile too before heading down to FEP to look for Jean's clothes.

And Jean, this is an hint as to what your sis said about you.

Evil mean sis!

Okie! End of my pampering post~ I still have a pampering session #3 coming up soon which is my body massage! Can't wait for it! Tomorrow will be a shopping + food session with Leen! Looooong time since I went out with her!

Okie! Catch ya soon! Byes!

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