Monday, August 9, 2010

Shopping loves~

Ne ne~ Did you know? Japanese Fashion Street has opened their 3rd fashion wear spree!!~

Gonna share some of the candies I've gotten my eye on!

I really really like this blouse. (Lace Flutter Blouse) It was like the 1st item that caught my eye la!

It's like so nice to wear with a pair of shorts and seems breezy as well~ Good for me on a slack day @ school.

And speaking of shorts, there are more shorts in this spree and most of them are absolute loveeee!

3 different kinds of shorts:

Floral Drawstring Shorts

Denim Lace Shorts

And Crochet Shorts!

Different types of shorts for different occasions and I'm super duper tempted to get these 3 pairs. (And when I say I'm tempted, my money usually just disappear real fast. T.T)

Heehee~ And of course my ideal tops from there would be this 2!

(Bling Minnie Tee)

I'm a Disney fan through and through! Plus this has bling on it! 'nuff said~

(Lace Stripey Sleeve Shirt)

Normally I prefer PinkXRed colours but for this, I would totally go for the grey I believe~

Wearing that shirt with the denim shorts above would be great for a slack-but-still-look-good day~ And pair it off with my new glasses! (Pics in the next post~)

Besides these, I'm still drooling over the dresses/one-piece. They are just so easy to wear. Sometimes, when I get really tired and don't wish to think about matching outfits, I'll just grab any dress and put them on. Hah~ So much easier at times. =p

Have been attracted to 2 outfits way way before this spree started.

(Popteen Inspired Red Polka Dress)

It's so nice! And I've been contemplating whether to get it~

(Words & Lips Dress)

I came, I saw and I bought it! Yeaps! I purchase it as I couldn't wait and it looks really nice! Prefer the white version though somehow, Paris Hilton is the model. Hrmmm?~

Really like this Denim Lace Dress too~

Sweet and great for Singapore's weather. Heehee!

Oh! And last but not least!
(Moussy Inspired Sailor Dress)

Leen & I both got our eyes on this~ Got 3 lovely colours and who knows, we might end up buying another 'couple wear' again like our Bugis shopping trip. (More about it in the next post~)

Okok~ That's all for now and time for me to hit the sack~ Happy National Day to all! Nites!!

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