Tuesday, August 17, 2010

1st Day Jitters


1st Day of uni life starting from tomorrow onwards!

Will I survive??!!

(I better do.)

Anyway, tomorrow will be my 1st day in school and SMU life seems happening even before I start school!

Check it out:
SMU Cultural & Arts Fraternity tomorrow. (Later on~)
Vivace this Friday
Freshman Bash 2010 @ Zouk
Vegas Night in Sept.


I hope I'll be able to attend all these events but then again, feels like I'm not going there for studies. Oops~

Okie, gonna game for awhile and sleep. Feeling pretty tired after a hard day of shopping around with Leen. At least we managed to get our 'fozhu' that we need for our yukatas. Next up is lace hunting! Chinatown, here we come~

Okie, off for gaming with Leen!

Nites people!

P.S. I shall dress in awesome pink tomorrow 'cos the person who comes in the 'pinkiest' outfit gets to win a pair of Dr Martens! Woots!

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