Sunday, August 29, 2010

Natsu Matsuri 2010!


Did ya go? Did ya?

I know I did!!

Did you spot me there too? Received some emails asking if I went to Natsu this year and you have my answer now~

This is my 4th time to Natsu Matsuri and its the 1st time where I actually got to wear my yukata!

1st Year: Helper.
2nd Year: Performance
3rd Year: Performance

Had an awesome time before heading down to Natsu as Leen & Fook Yu came over to prepare together!

And though after arriving there, there wasn't much of a feeling of 'Natsu' for some for us but I still had a great time!

I managed to meet lots of familiar people and go around most of the stalls to get ice-cream, food and games with boyf(XM) & girlf(Leen) and guess what!

I got 2 exact pink Yoyos this year! One each from XM & Leen. Though 1 of them was like 'pulverized' within an hour. LOL!

Some pictures of the arena:

Camhored while queuing for food~

Tri-Coloured Bento~


My dear boyf on his mission to catch a yoyo~

Leen's 2 in 1 yoyo.

Boyf queuing for the Lucky Draw game.

Nua-ing at the usual spot we take at Natsu~

Leen finally got her candy apple which she took like gazillion years to BITE it.

Leen & my fans & 'getas' which I got from JB & FEP. Absolute cute & loveeees~

And of course, it was the mandatory event of the day - CAMWHORE!

Jasmine & Yvonne~

Trix & Cindy

Wendy, Leen & lots of miscellaneous people at the back. LOL!

Joanna & Joanna. Hahahaha!

After that, a few of us went down for the Bon Odori though it was nearing the end. (I was too lazy to go in the beginning. =p)

Photos from here onwards are what I koped from FB - Danny's camera. The ones above are like from Lolly, so no comparing ya~ Haha!

Went on stage with Danny, Jae & Yvonne for the Rasa Sayang Ondo.

Peeps left at the end of Natsu~

Overall, I had a really great time at Natsu this year too though there was definitely something missing from the past 2 years.

But then, being able to meet familiar faces there was really great and even better when I spotted JFS customers wearing the yukatas they bought from us! Hahaha!

AND I'm really happy and glad that XM managed to go to Natsu with me this year. WHEEEE!

Thanks so much boyf!!

That shall be the end of my Natsu post. But the night was not over for some of us as we headed over to Helipad later which happened to be my 1st time entering a club too~

And yes, in a YUKATA!

Stay tune for the photos and more in the next post!~ XD

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