Thursday, August 11, 2005

hahax..todae damn funni lorx..raj was quite ok wid our class despite the comments on how he was teaching 3/4 2dae..lolx..he is normal fact he seems lyk he was in a gd mood..mebbe he always feel lyk dat after torturing a class..lolx..2dae e race elements quite fun lahx..quite 1st element was abseiling..damn shiok sia..wan 2 go down another time oso lehx..lolx..ddan me n kim supposed 2 go down together de..but den one of the lanes was quite slow so both of us cannot go down together..actually its betta..if not e both of us will be punching each other on e way down..lolx..dan i tk e lady lane lah..nv see her b4 lehx..dan keep saying wad story and ask us 2 abseil down the stairs cuz raining..duh...siao one lehx..dan rain stopped and we continued 2 abseil..dan i was e 2nd last in my grp lahx..n cuz of my big mouth, all of my grp ppl shouted president at me n my GOOD fren kim oso shout frm e top,president, thx peeps..i realli need ur lahx..dan e male teacher dan e lady dat was supporting me 2 hang my halfway so i can wave 2 everyone frm there..quite shiok at 1st..dan both teachers crapping wid me..i passed e 3rd level where all my classmates were n began saying hi 2 dem n dey keep shouting my name n luffing..until i felt e rope dat i was abseing down hooked on n stopped, i look at the teachers n found dat dey happily hooked me unto e hooky thing and refused 2 let me down..eesh..n dey sae we shud be more last dey let me down n i safely arrived back on e ground..our next station was e flying fox..quite ok lahx..not as exciting as e sparkc..lolx..not high enuff..hahax..dan em n kim play 3 round of sicssors, paper stone..n i lost..actually i let her win de i had 2 go down 1st and all of dem shout at me again..president..eesh..i am gg 2 hate dat word..but quite shiok..lolx..dan go 2 e rockwall..i tried e 1st lane..quite ok lahx..tiring but shiok lorx..e guys pro lahx..managed 2 clear e 3rd lane..lolx..dan i belay ppl..belay 3 in a once i almost fly up..hahax.tink it was kim..jkjk..lolx..dan crap wid jacelyn n t sq..crap until e male abseil teacher come..n e 2 teacehrs gang up 2 bully me..wan 2 feed me wid some werid stuff..looks, smell n taste lyk baby poo..dats wad dey sae..but i didn't bother 2 smell or look horrible enuff..lolx..dan went home wid kim..dan let her hear naruto songs..hehex..she hear until she about 2 go bonkus..lolx..but nice wad..dunno y she dun lyk..lolx..dan crap at e busstop..n e werid thing started...i was toking 2 kim n i said..later on e my ex-classmate jonathan again..i onli meant it as a joke dan..on e next bus stop..he board e same bus as fren sae my mouth veri 'zhun' correct..lolx..i sae wad will will wants e next 4D no..i can gif it 2 u..lolx..dan go home..slp..nothing much le..can't wait 2 get our new walkie-talkie..been waiting 4 a whole week le..tink cy is e most anxious one..lolx..tml can miss whole dae of skl..shiok..except 4 maths HAPPIE BURPDAE

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